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New Music Radar

New Music Radar for January 24th, 2024

Added by Kate Bryan

Adrianne Lenker – “Sadness As A Gift”

If Adrianne Lenker comes out with a new song, you can bet it will make its way onto my playlist recommendations. “Sadness As A Gift,” which dropped last week, contains her characteristic lyrical brilliance, wrapped in a cozy arrangement of acoustic guitar, violin, tinkling piano, and gentle harmonies. She sings sweetly of seasons going fast, the prospect of writing to someone in the future, and seeing sadness as a gift, and while all of the sentiments are simple, they are delivered with an honesty that renders them tenderly poignant. My favorite line: “You showed me a place I’ll find even when I’m old.”

Black Nicholson – “Out of Bounds”

DIY artist Black Nicholson released a new track, “Out of Bounds,” earlier this month, and it’s a dreamy, downtempo psych-rock trip. Layered vocals swoon around retro-inspired guitar riffs and crisp drum licks. It’s mellow, but a step above ambient, as the guitar occasionally cuts through the track with a little more energy than you might otherwise expect. Black Nicholson’s tracks always feel like a gauzy, sensual, 70s delight, and “Out of Bounds” is no exception. 

Loving – “No Mast”

Canada-born folk-pop group Loving dropped a new single, “No Mast,” last week. It’s the latest in a string of tracks the band has put out ahead of their newest album, which is slated for release in early February. “No Mast” is a breath of fresh air that melds 60s/70s soft rock temperament with modern indie sensibility. The song features a gentle sweep of beachy guitar as lines like “What if I loved you like a ship without a  mast / Moving slowly through the waters of your past” sail through with casual, slightly stoned nonchalance. 

Added by Thaddeus Adams

Gotti Da Ghost  – “Outchea”

Gotti Da Ghost’s “Outchea,” with the title alone, makes it clear that he keeps his hometown city, Charleston, on the forefront and that his voice is one to be heard and respected lyrically. As a newcomer to Gotti’s style, I was immediately drawn to the Just Blaze-inspired production, coupled with his raspy, southern drawl, that sort of adds to the drive and feel of the track. He makes it known that he is indeed ‘Outchea’ and off the porch, ready to set himself as a rising ‘those to know’ in Charleston hip hop this year. I peeped and enjoyed the subtle nod to “Round Here” by Memphis Bleek in the structure and cadence of the hook, which adds an extra layer of homage and ingenuity to the song, showcasing Gotti’s ability to weave his influences into a fresh, original, song that embodies who he is as an artist. Keep an eye out for Gotti Da Ghost, and enjoy “Outchea” on our New Music Radar!

Kuntry – “Synkronic”

Editor’s note: This track comes from the recent EP release from Kuntry, also titled Synkronic, which dropped last week. See the full #GxldApproved album review to learn more.

Black Benji ft. Young Kap – “I’m On It”

Editor’s note: This track comes from the recent EP release from Black Benji, titled Chosen, which dropped last week. See the full #GxldApproved album review to learn more.

Added by Sarah Grace Sherbondy

Little Bird- “be like that

The mesmeric five-piece from Charleston, SC, Little Bird, just dropped their newest single “be like that”. The three-minute tune is laid back in a bona fide bedroom fashion, with a distinguishable Little Bird fuzz compressed into each note. “be like that” is frivolous with a psychedelic potency throughout, that the reverb-friendly group of guys delivers effortlessly in a trance-inducing, blasé spirit.

Shakey Graves, Jess Williamson- “True Love Will Find You in the End” (Cover)

Texas artists Shakey Graves (Alejandro Rose-Garcia) and Jess Williamson brought their Americana-bluesy prowess on a cover of fellow Texan Daniel Johnston’s 1990 hit “True Love Will Find You in the End”. The cover delivers a 180 compared to Johnston’s original acoustic version, through heavy use of pedal steel, euphonic vocals, and accentuated reverb that gave a modern gnarled timbre to the initially stripped track. The single is featured on the Texas Wild Album– “a standout album featuring Texas musicians as they pay tribute to classic Texas tunes showcasing that untamed spirit found only in Texas music.”

Faye Webster & Lil Yachty – “Lego Ring”

Music Video

Indie artist Faye Webster just released her newest single “Lego Ring” with fellow Atlantan Lil Yachty. The two became friends in middle school and reunited to combine their opposing specialties on the project with a blistered balladry, stirring musical bricolage, and marking an aural stamp across the frenzied straddling of genres. The track blends both artists’ identifiable trademarks, offering an abundance of orbiting harmonies that pressurize into a rapturous virtuosity and solidifying that the two are continuing to break down codified norms within their respective lanes.

Added by Chris Huber

Travel Therapy – “Friends”

Columbia, SC based electronic indie pop duo Travel Therapy recently released a new full-length album, Sum Notes. The album is awash with synth and filled with a variety of different soundscapes, some mellow and some more upbeat and groovy. “Friends,” one of the album’s standout tracks, now has a new music video, which makes clever use of framing and editing to illustrate the song. I’m hearing a minimalist Portugal. The Man influence on this tune, specifically in the lyrics and the vocals in the chorus.

Saintseneca – “Soft Axe”

“Soft Axe” by folk group Saintseneca is a raw and gritty, but well-polished tune that adds layers of sound to an introspective journey that builds to a soft crescendo over six minutes. Also known as, my favorite type of song (not just a soft crescendo, but all buildups, they rule). I heard about this band years back when they played in Charleston at The Royal American, and I interviewed frontman Zac Little before the show. We’re talking six years back now… sheesh. Anyway the song is on the playlist and it’s good so check it out.

Sierra Ferrell – “Dollar Bill Bar”

Folk queen Sierra Ferrell is quickly becoming a household name for fans of the twang genre. Her newest single “Dollar Bill Bar” could be a song about Charleston’s long beloved the Griffon, known for having dollar bills all over the walls. Of course this also describes countless other bars in America, and the lyrics to the song play into that, describing a guy who thinks he’s special but he’s really a dime a dozen. Just like the dollar bills on the wall at the bar. She’s just so dang cool, and according to this song she knows that quite well.

Leftover Salmon – “Powder Day”

Jam bands will never stop making songs about drugs. Colorado-based Leftover Salmon’s newest single, “Powder Day,” penned by banjo player Andy Thorn, is definitely not about cocaine. At four minutes and twenty seconds in length, it’s about snow and skiing, and hoping for good conditions on the mountain. It just sounds like it’s about cocaine. Right? They’ve been doing this one live for a while and now it’s out in studio format.