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New Music Radar

New Music Radar for December 6th, 2023

The Simplicity- “THE SLIP

Charleston rock outfit The Simplicity dropped their new single “THE SLIP”, a rock-heavy track hinting towards a “ghosting” situation, “yeah you look like, you bout to give me the slip”. The chaotic nature within the instrumentation is simultaneously aesthetic in a classic rock fashion, with brisk vocal shifts to falsetto, screeching guitars, and a heady drum section that’s a perfect opening for on-beat crowd claps during a live show. This group’s got a manifold of assortments ranging from slower progressing tracks to more heady and direct tunes like this one, which sounds as if it’s emerging from the dead with an ultra pissed-off awakening. 

Contributed by Sarah Grace Sherbondy

Charleston rock trio The Simplicity kicked off the last month of 2023 with a new track, “The Slip.” It’s quick and dirty, with ragged vocals, brash guitar, and charging drums. Think of the song that would be playing in a movie as a beat-up getaway van peels out on the street, the passengers up to no good, but in a fun, not-too-nefarious way – you’re rooting for them. The Simplicity once again lives up to their name with a straightforward rock song that delivers pure pleasure, no frills.

Contributed by Kate Bryan

Futurebirds & Carl Broemel – …Thanks Y’all (Live)

What a treat this new live album from Futurebirds & Carl Broemel is. Recorded over nine shows in February 2023, the album features 22 selections from all across Futurebirds’ decade-plus spanning discography. You get the highs and lows, the fun, upbeat hits like “Rodeo” and “Trippin’,” but then super deep cuts like “M J B” from the 2011 Futurebirds EP. Personally, I chose “Olive Garden Daydream #47” for the playlist, because when I first heard those opening licks I thought I had accidentally switched over to my Grateful Dead playlist. The songwriting itself reminds me of if Jimmy Buffet joined a psychedelic country rock band (maybe he did). Futurebirds rule, and have ruled for a long time. I’m glad to see they’ve finally gotten the recognition they deserve.

Futurebirds will perform two nights at the Charleston Music Hall on 12/30 and 12/31, joined by special guest Carl Broemel (of My Morning Jacket).

On the playlist: “Olive Garden Daydream #47”

Contributed by Chris Huber

JTRawwww – “No Effort” feat. HeemLee

GxldApproved ‘Luxury trap’ artist, JTRawwww aka The Sensei has consistently kept new music and jiggy visuals in the 2023 Charleston hip hop circuit and continues to do so with the roll out and release of “No Effort” feat HeemLee. Ventilated synthesized waves and a smooth trappy stride, support JTRawwww and HeemLee’s vaunting lyricism throughout the song, adding a solid mixture of melody, bars, and cohesion between the artists. Their aural delivery in the song puts me in the mind of duos like Lil Uzi and Juice WRLD. Ethereal modern rap cadences that counteract the tempo of the beat, creating an effortless stew of sauce from the two.

Contributed by Thaddeus Adams

Good Morning – “Real I’m Told”

Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons, best friend duo from Melbourne, Australia and the minds behind Good Morning, dropped a new track, “Real I’m Told,” last week. The folksy piano calls to mind some Wilco songs, albeit slightly less jangly and raw, and alongside the drums and guitar, the song plays across genres. The vocals take on a kind of resigned but willing cadence in lines like “My heart / It must be real / I’m told.” Backing singers in the chorus add sweetness. The song is short, making you reflexively hit replay.

Contributed by Kate Bryan

duplex- “Braintree”

Charleston’s newest punk(ish) group duplex released their second single since the creation of this “food & beverage rock band”, titled “Braintree”. “Braintree” seems to be reminiscent of a now absent individual with some accents hinting towards self deprecating thoughts “the opportunities are plenty, I’m just a bump in the road”. The single is set to be featured on duplex’s upcoming EP and will be released as a series of four singles that we will hopefully be getting a taste of soon. One thing I will say about this group is that I appreciate their momentum towards releasing new music being that stagnancy is one of the biggest frustrations as a music fanatic. These guys might be new to the scene but I project their avidity will be the thing that accelerates their success.

Contributed by Sarah Grace Sherbondy

Sjowgren – “newrules”

Sjowgren, a Bay-Area recording project helmed by a trio of friends, released a new single on Friday, “newrules.” The balmy, atmospheric track features grounded guitar and drums that plod along methodically while electro synth touches add whimsy. The vocals are deliciously silky from verse to verse, while the chorus is fuzzier and more freewheeling. It’s a song that feels light, but not vapid.

Contributed by Kate Bryan

Current Blue (feat. Shan Capri)- “good enough”

I remember Current Blue being one of the first bands I got to know in the Charleston DIY scene, as the pre-covid house show scene has descended substancially, this one is particularly nostalgic. “good enough” is the group’s third single release of 2023 and continues their lengthy discography of eclectic, sensual, and hi-fi sound with a solid base of R&B and indie-pop. Current Blue is known to have a collab or two on their discography and this one is with soulful singer, Shan Capri. The band’s personified genre is esoteric but completely universal in its essence and without a doubt shows through the band’s online presence and reputation. 

Contributed by Sarah Grace Sherbondy

LGP Ammon – This Is Totally Not A Hype Project (Album)

Radar track: “Master of Masses” feat. MosWantedStef

Holy City Records affiliate LGP Ammon, threw on his cape and hit us with a 7 track album called “This Is Totally Not A Hype Project”. In October, he released “Underground (TMNT)”, a single from the album that truly set the tone for his superhero themed concept. The album as a whole sounds like a soundtrack for action hero movie release from start to finish. Everything from the intro to the skits and samples used, add a cinematic quality to the album that parallels to LGP’s intention with every song.

This is very present in songs like “Aftermath” where the skit/sample actually serves as a hook between his verses. Outside of the concept of the album, LGP comes through with stellar lyricism and a static delivery on each track. He even features the stylings of UnHeard Ent’s MosStef, one of my personal favorite lyricists in Charleston, on the track “Master of Masses”.

Production wise, the album features a few different producers but they all delivered high energy, dynamic productions that parallel perfectly with LGP’s theme, flow, and full picture delivery of the album. I thoroughly enjoyed the almost theatrical feel of the album, which caters to the twists, turns, and frequency of LGP Ammon’s Logic/JID/Cypress Hill type delivery and rhyme style.

On the playlist: “Master of Masses” feat. MosWantedStef

Contributed by Thaddeus Adams

Fo Daniels – “ThatLittleThing”

“ThatLittleThing” by Fo Daniels is a punchy, raw rock song that describes the inner monologue and turmoil we go through on a night out in Charleston. Giving in to temptations by telling ourselves we “will make it up tomorrow.” Knowing in the moment we are making the wrong decision, but damn it feels good, until we are at home at the end of the night “staring at the ceiling.”

Contributed by Chris Gardner

Single Sparrow & Admiral Radio – “Lore”

Charleston-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Patrick Leitner, a.k.a. Single Sparrow, recently released a collaborative single with S.C. duo Admiral Radio. According to Single Sparrow’s Bandcamp, Patrick wrote this song on the porch of a log cabin in North Carolina, reflecting upon his life as he looked out upon the grain silos in the distance. The result is a contemplative folk tune accompanied by warm harmonies courtesy of Becca and Coty Hoover.

Contributed by Chris Huber

Roger Mindwater and the Fresh Portals – Roger Mindwater and the Fresh Portals

Greenville-based garage rockers Roger Mindwater and the Fresh Portals just released their self-titled debut album, and some of you are really going to love this. Upbeat, irreverent, lofi punk rock complete with racing drums and fuzzed-out guitars. A.k.a. what dreams are made of. You know you’ve got a good submission when you subconsciously reach over to crank the volume knob. At only 20 minutes, I recommend just listening to the whole project, but the song I listened to more than once was “Let Me Down.”

On the playlist: “Let Me Down”

Contributed by Chris Huber

TrapKingKai ft. Blase Groody – Triple Double EP

While on tour this past November, we had a stop in Kentucky which is where I met our next #GxldApproved artist, TrapKingKai.  I came across a few handfuls of dope artists while on the road, but I can honestly I became a fan of the homie TrapKingKai.  His sound and style takes me to the nostalgic days of How Fly 2 by Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y, but his delivery and grit gives me feels of artists like Schoolboy Q.

With “Triple Double” he teams up with rap artist and producer Blase Groody and gives listeners a 3-piece exhibition of easy listening, blunted vibes and bravado with quotable lyrics and punches. Each song holds its own sauce: opening with the boutique hip hop float of “How it Goes”, flowing into the organ driven sample laden “My Fault”, and closing with the soulful jazz brush of “Highs and Lows”. Sonically versatility with a conceptual ease that sits well on the ears in any setting. Tap in to one of Louisville, Kentucky’s underground generals-TrapKingKai.

On the playlist: “My Fault”

Contributed by Thaddeus Adams

Nora Roy – “No Steppy Snik”

Charleston native and NYC-based singer-songwriter Nora Roy releases her first new single in over five years, “No Steppy Snik.” The track delivers brooding, alternative rock tinged with regret and feelings of inadequacy. We can hear the imprint of industrial shoegaze in the heavy guitars and fuzz, perhaps a mark of several years Brooklyn influence seeping its way into her folk rock roots. Nora has plans to release a full EP, including “No Steppy Snik” in the coming months.

Contributed by Chris Huber

Brother Oliver – “Washed Up”

The Greenville, SC-based band of brothers releases a new single as they promote their film, How to Break a World Record. See the premiere for more info.

Contributed by Chris Huber

Khruangbin – Live at Sydney Opera House

When done properly, a live recording has a warmth to it that simply cannot be replicated by a studio recording. The always-warm and groovy Khruangbin is one band that you could present as a counter argument to my previous sentence. Just wait until you hear Khruangbin live. Everybody already knows this band is great and the fact that they’ve started doing archival releases is even better. This recording comes from November of 2022, enjoy.

On the playlist: “A Calf Born in Winter”

Contributed by Chris Huber