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Extra Chill Fest

Stay tuned for details about Extra Chill Fest 2024, taking place on August 10th at Charleston Pour House!

We’re very excited to share the lineup for Extra Chill Fest 2023, taking place at the Charleston Pour House on Saturday, August 19th! This year’s lineup is very special to us as it features a wide variety of local and regional artists that we feel boils down to a representation of the scene itself.

On the main stage, we have headliners Nordista Freeze and She Returns From War, followed by a late night set from Omiwimo.

The deck sees an eclectic mix including a one-of-a-kind full band set from DJ DollaMenu, Baby Yaga, the #GxldApproved Hip-Hop Happy Hour, Chris Wilcox presenting a special set called “Country Proper”, Rhodium, and Tree Limbs.

Tickets are on sale now for $25 in advance for access to both the main and deck stage, bumping up to $30 day of-show. Special $10 deck-only tickets will be available at the door day-of.

Doors at 2pm with music beginning at 3pm.

Get your tickets here.

Take a deeper dive into the lineup below.

The Lineup

Nordista Freeze

Nordista Freeze at The Royal American, Feb 2020. Photo: Mia Naome.

Nordista Freeze is a legendary name in both the Charleston music scene and the history of Extra Chill. Hailing from Nashville and playing high-energy indie rock, Freeze has performed in Charleston many times over the years — from DIY events to our pre-Covid first sold-out Royal American show, The Extra Chill Leap Year Jamboree, and even Boogieman Fest last year.

Each Nordista Freeze set is a spectacle in itself, and we are beyond excited to present this band in their Charleston Pour House debut in a co-headlining slot at Extra Chill Fest.

This summer also marks another exciting debut for Nordista Freeze — his first time performing at Bonnaroo — a festival whose crowd is tailor made for the type of performance art that he brings to the table. All of this leads up to what is sure to be an epic set at Extra Chill Fest!

Check out Nordista Freeze’s recent set on Jam in the Van below, and a 2019 video of the band performing “Hey Gigi” in downtown Charleston’s Cannon Park below that.

Nordista Freeze – Jam in the Van

Nordista Freeze – “Hey Gigi” (Live in Cannon Park)

She Returns From War

Photo by Lizzy Rollins

She Returns From War is a long-beloved name in Charleston, with Hunter Park’s songwriting being known for it’s heart-wrenching, but also heart-warming qualities. Her 2018 album Mirrored Moon Dance Hall is one of our favorite South Carolina releases of all time, and 2023 marks the upcoming release of her new album Ruthless.

We heard a few songs from the new album at High Water Fest during a She Returns From War set that will go down in history. Many people reported crying their eyes out in the crowd that day from the unmistakable beauty that was presented on stage, ourselves included.

August will be that much closer to the release of Ruthless, which means we’ll be learning more about the album and its release plans before then. We can’t wait to see She Returns From War on the main stage at Extra Chill Fest!

Listen to a few favorites below.

She Returns From War – “Snakeskin Boots”

She Returns From War – “Swamp Witch”

She Returns From War – “Athena”

Omiwimo (Late Night)

Photo by Steph Morgan (@away_from_the_shire)

Omiwimo are a band that are near and dear to the Charleston Pour House family, and will be closing out Extra Chill Fest with a special late night set on the main stage. Performing rock music infused with improvised jams, their set will be exactly what you need to party out the end of the night. Expect originals plus creative covers of artists like the Grateful Dead, Phish, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones and more!

DJ DollaMenu (Full Band)

DJ DollaMenu closes out the deck stage with a very special, first of its kind performance of his rap music backed by a full band. We’re excited to present this set and will have more details to share about his backing band in the coming weeks!

Check out his recent music video for “I Can Feel It” and see our review of his recent EP, OTW.

DJ DollaMenu – “I Can Feel It” (Video)

Baby Yaga

Photo by Kati Baldwin

Baby Yaga are a rock band that have been near and dear to Extra Chill ever since their inception. We had the honor of premiering their debut single “Not Even!” way back in 2018 and have watched them blossom into the band they are today.

Frontwoman Presley Randall captures the irreverent spirit of rock & roll, and this energy permeates through all of their songs and even their music videos. Such as the recent video for “10” off their newest EP, SSDD (Same Shit, Different Dick), and “Going to Hell” off 2020’s FUCK EP.

Baby Yaga – “10” (Video)

Baby Yaga – “Going to Hell” (Video)

#GxldApproved Hip-Hop Happy Hour

Curated by Extra Chill’s very own Thaddeus Adams, a.k.a. Indi’Gxld, the #GxldApproved Hip-Hop Happy Hour will present a rotating cast of Charleston’s hottest rappers backed by Slim S.O.U.L on the beat pad. Stay tuned for info on performing MCs.

Chris Wilcox Presents “Country Proper”

Photo by Max Ruehrmund (@maxlifephoto)

Charleston country artist and longtime friend of Extra Chill, Chris Wilcox performed as the opening act at the very first Extra Chill Fest in 2018. This year he returns with a special concept dubbed “Country Proper”, which includes classic country covers as well as modern country that is focused on excellent songwriting. “Country Proper” is an idea that has been in the works for quite some time, and we’re very excited for Chris to bring it to Extra Chill Fest.


Photo by Zack Pollak (pollakphotography)

A new project formed by Indi’Gxld and Black Zola, Rhodium presents laid-back, soulful tunes tinted by an attempt to maintain a positive outlook on life. You might have caught them at our Stuart’s House show on April 22nd or at recent performances on the deck at Poho. Stay tuned for music from Rhodium coming soon.

Tree Limbs

Tree Limbs are a band coming up out of the College of Charleston who have been making some waves in the scene over the past year. We’re very excited to feature them at Extra Chill Fest! Listen to their recent single “Your Morning” below.

Tree Limbs – “Your Morning”

Get your tickets to Extra Chill Fest 2023 here.