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New Music Radar

New Music Radar for October 4th, 2023:

Invisible Low End Power – “Strangers”

The Space’s in-house producer Wolfgang Zimmerman and Invisible Low End Power (ILEP) just released their new single “Strangers”–  characterized by Wolfie as a “spacey emo Americana-ish ballad”. According to a post on Zimmerman’s Instagram, he relates the track to the vivid memory of how a falling out can transform the dynamic of a loving relationship into a stranger stricken situation.

“You’ve seen me change like a shape-shifter in plain sight” conveys the inevitability of personal evolution and the front-row seat the other person in the relationship gets– all concluding to whether or not those two people can either evolve together or go their separate ways and become strangers. 

“Strangers” is one of three already released singles that are strung from “long-awaited Acid-Rock & Galactic-Funk” LP SPACEPRINTS, making its debut on October 17th. 

Contributed by Sarah Grace Sherbondy

Wilco – Cousin

Wilco’s thirteenth studio album, Cousin, has a whole bunch of fans and music critics up in arms for being too “boring”. While I agree, I wish they would step on the gas a bit more, there’s a lot to like about Cousin. Wilco continues to innovate in the studio, embellishing the songs with subtle and trippy layers that make for an effervescent listen.

Plus, anybody who has seen Wilco live knows that they will find a way to turn these songs into masterpieces in the moment. My favorite is the closing track, “Meant To Be”, but “Pittsburgh” is great and the title track “Cousin” slaps, as hard as a song can possibly slap on this album.

6.5/10, better than Star Wars.

On the playlist: “Cousin”

Contributed by Chris Huber

Malcolm Fl3x – “Geronimo” featuring Yng Matrre$$

Malcolm Fl3x, rap artist and creator of Faded Circle, soars in with his recent single “Geronimo,” featuring Yng Matre$$. He recently showcased his talent at the Music Farm, where he opened for hip hop legend Soulja Boy. “Geronimo” represents the culmination of Malcolm Fl3X’s vision and the obstacles he overcame to establish himself as a master of his own destiny, striving for greatness. With Fl3X’s visionary lyricism and the silky, howl of Yng Matre$$’s serenade, “Geronimo” delivers a dose of #GxldApproved music that has caught the attention of our New Music Radar.

Contributed by Thaddeus Adams

Slow Pulp – Yard

Chicago, Illinois-based indie rock group Slow Pulp released a highly-anticipated second full-length album, Yard, last week. The 10-song project is teeming with tracks that meld angst and grace, with gritty guitar clanging against mournful bass. Singer Emily Massey’s voice strikes a balance between clear and mysterious, at times, crisp, at others, hazy with emotion. Songs “Doubt,” “MUD,” and “Slugs” are standouts. 

On the playlist: “Doubt”

Contributed by Kate Bryan

Mac Demarco & Ryan Paris – “Simply Paradise”

Any new Mac Demarco release calls for a spotlight as he’s always carried the persona of an ultra-private musician that stays under the radar, with the occasional single or mega album drop. Yes, I’m referring to the 199-track album, One Wayne G. The new single “Simply Paradise” is a beachside love tune Demarco created alongside Italian singer-songwriter Ryan Paris, known for his whimsically synthy 1983 hit “Dolce Vita” .

In an interview with Pitchfork both artists discuss their mutual admiration towards each other’s work, with Paris describing his urge to write with Demarco as “dreaming to write this song in the way like John Lennon & Paul McCartney did together in the ’60s.” This collaboration marries Demarco’s non-sequitur dialog with Paris’ seasoned romantic melodies, perfectly mirroring how Mac described the writing process as “simply… paradise”. 

Contributed by Sarah Grace Sherbondy

MostWantedStef – The Host With The Most: Unfiltered Lyricism

UnHeard Entertainment’s enigmatic lyrical alchemist, Mos Stef, unleashes his 2nd EP, The Host With The Most: Unfiltered Lyricism. If you’ve been partaking in the Charleston rap scene of 2023, you’ve undoubtedly encountered the stylings of UnHeard and their unparalleled synergy, powerful message, and exceptional talent within Charleston. Tap in and listen to The Host With The Most: Unfiltered Lyricism and throw those “U’s” up one time! My personal favorites are “Try Then Check” and “Eagle Nuts”.

On the playlist: “Try Then Check”

Sun June  – “Mixed Bag” 

Austin, Texas-based indie pop act Sun June dropped a new EP, Mixed Bag, last week, and the title track brings a welcome dose of fall moodiness to our playlist. This is a group that has a unique ability to make music that’s gentle on the ears but devastating, emotionally, when the lyrics sink in. Lines like “I know every single fight that we had” and “There was a hope that kept you trying” are like pressing on a bruise, but singer Laura Colwell’s soft vocals that seem to come to her as naturally as breathing make it a welcome pain. Contemplative piano and precise drums round out the song. 

Contributed by Kate Bryan

b.k.a. David Seward – “Cashin Out” featuring Lou Algiedi

Melloe Soule’s very own b.k.a David Seward teamed up with Lou Algiedi for the drop “Cashin Out”.  Both artists have recently released a handful of features and original music in 2023. “Cashin Out” blends the elegant plucks of a harp with the slap and sticks of snares and hi hats. b.k.a. David Seward adds an electronically tuned twist on his vocals with the autotune draped over the hook which adds a certain draw to the chorus. The duo motivates the listener to persevere, handle business, weather the storm, and ‘cash out’ on every play, revealing and pieces about how they do that themselves.

Contributed by Thaddeus Adams

Animal Collective – Isn’t It Now?

Animal Collective dropped their new album Isn’t It Now, on September 29th. Its eccentric neo-psychedelic core makes it the perfect record to kick off the spooky season. For as long as I can remember, Animal Collective has proven to be a connoisseur in their genre and continues to adhere to their deeply-rooted freak folk center, making them one of those bands that need not stray far from their established craft.

Isn’t It Now is the band’s longest album, finishing up at 64 minutes, but the long album is welcome as it’s been a decade since the group last made a record as a quartet. Animal Collective is a testament to how a band can keep their fans on their toes for almost a quarter of a century while remaining true to their thread of collective style. 

On the playlist:  “Stride Rite”

Contributed by Sarah Grace Sherbondy

Amaria – “Day by Day”

23-year-old vocalist Amaria, a star on the rise out of Tampa, Florida, released a new single, “Day by Day,” last week, in collaboration with Colors Studios music platform. It’s a coy, flirtatious R&B track that references the classic crooners of the genre like Eryka Badu. With vocals that alternate between breathy and powerful, Amaria shows she has a range of styles at her disposal, and the delightful “Day by Day” leaves us excited to hear more. 

Contributed by Kate Bryan

Deon Starz – “You Got a Man”

As October arrives, our Extra Chill radar is lighting up with some seriously #GxldApproved jams. Deon Starz just dropped his trap-soul single “You Got A Man,” and it’s smoother than butter on a hot biscuit. The song features a slowed sample from “Sweet Lady” by Tyrese and a seductive instrumental coupled with Deon Starz voice floating in and out of deep soul harmonies and melodic lyrics.  From the tempo to Deon’s flattering lyrics and delivery, this is one of those tracks you send to that special someone to let them know that you are down with ‘the get down’! Don’t miss out—tune in to Deon Starz and get lost in the sultry vibes of “You Got A Man,” a ballad that’ll make the ladies weak in the knees.

Contributed by Thaddeus Adams

The Indoor Kids – “Gimme More”

Greenville punk rock trio The Indoor Kids, featuring iconic venue Radio Room’s curator Wes Gilliam on bass, dropped a new single called “Gimme More” last week. If you like raging punk rock with wailing guitars, speedy drums, and lyrics about wanting to numb out of your life then this is for you. For fans of music that is more in line with the name “Extra Chill”, I hope you had enough coffee today. Let’s go!

Contributed by Chris Huber