Caminator – “Giraffes”

Caminator, aka Cameron Wescott, multi-instrumentalist and bassist of the Psycodelics, came out with a new single, “Giraffes,” this weekend. 

It’s the artist’s first release since the single “Haudidwegitheer” dropped in September. “Giraffes” is an electro-funk track with an addictive beat and a smooth bass line. The spirit is lighthearted — some flourishes sound as if they were plucked straight out of a video game, and you’re never quite sure what you’re going to hear next. Vocally, the song introduces moments of soulfulness between bits of buzzy distortion. 

Though Caminator is a genius collaborator (he was also featured on Little Bird’s album Proxima: Gamma), “Giraffes” is a track that showcases his talent for creating distinctive and compelling tunes as a solo artist. 

Stream “Giraffes” below.

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