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Kuntry – Synkronic (Album Review)

Synchronic (adj.) – relating to something, especially a language, at a particular point in time without considering how it developed to that point.

Alternative pop, experimental R&B, disco, hip-hop-these are just a few of the various sun-tonalities that make up the sound of Atlanta based artist Kuntry. After completing one of the most impressive press and marketing roll outs of 2023 with the release of his album The Graduation (Another Love Story), which features the album as a soundtrack and short film-Kuntry has released yet another series of storyline-driven visuals and shorts to promote his newest release Synkronic.

This EP is a semi psychedelic journey through a kaleidoscope of sound, that blends genres and emotions. Each track unveils a feel-good vibe while delving into deeper themes of love, connection, and the pursuit of becoming larger than life through passion. 

“Synkronic” has a central backbone of, syncopated basslines, string sections, brass and horns, electric piano, synthesizers, and electric rhythm guitars. An innovative infusion of the intricacies of funk and disco, mixed with the fresh air of soul and R&B.

This is especially relevant in tracks such as, “Synkronicity” & “Queen”, which sets the tone with its Miami Vice-esque, ethereal production. The track’s daunting melody and Kuntry’s emotive melodic delivery create an atmosphere of both longing and empowerment, painting a vivid picture of love’s complexities.

Songs like “Chocolate City” and “Temptations” introduce elements of R&B and electronic house/trap. The track’s moody, atmospheric production and almost seductive allure, delve into the complexities of temptation and desire, portraying a raw, unfiltered portrayal of human connection and sensuality.

Synkronic is a high frequency, yet lush, expansive soundscape of Kuntry’s ability to create music that resonates on both a visceral and emotional level. Kuntry is becoming a larger than life entity-from his fearless musical experimentation to the quality of videos, short films, and content he creates to give us a gander into his world.

Beyond being a #GxldApproved artist, he is the epitome of a properly structured brand that has the potential to be boundless. See the title track “Synkronic” on our New Music Radar.

Kuntry – Synkronic (2024)