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New Music Radar

New Music Radar for October 25th, 2023

Kurt Vile – “Another good year for the roses”

Philadelphia’s multi-instrumentalist and former lead guitarist of The War on Drugs Kurt Vile released the six-minute single “Another good year for the roses” on Friday, making it the first featured track on his upcoming EP Back To Moon Beach: set to be revealed on November 17th. Vile set the tone for what he describes as more of a “KV comp” with a fried-pop folk tune that ascends with harmonically-driven choices and underlines its individualistic lyrics that are pessimistic but fundamentally charismatic. In classic Kurt Vile fashion, his pointillistic aphorisms matched with freak-electro synths and hypnotic siren sounds accentuate this laid-back yet sizzled single.

Contributed by Sarah Grace Sherbondy

Offbeat rock singer-songwriter Kurt Vile released his first song of the year, “Another good year for the roses,” on Friday. The track maintains Vile’s signature downtempo, bedragged psych-folk sensibility. It comes off as lowkey as a shrug at first blush, but upon close attention to the lyrics, smart wordplay reveals a certain intentionality. He delivers lines like “These days I do whatever I want / Tune out the rest till something wakes me from a rest / Tune out the rest / Till something arresting awaits me,” direct yet taciturn. “They said it’s been a good year for the whatever already / And I’m not one quite ready to put it better in a letter / Which reminds me one day I’ll sit down and write me a letter / Get my shit together,” he sings later in the track, sounding almost drunk, his ambivalence taking on a poetic quality. “Another good year for the roses” grows more fuzzed-out and dreamy in the second half, with echos and female backing vocals adding ethereal texture.

Contributed by Kate Bryan

“Another good year for the roses” on Spotify

Eliza Novella – “Sweet”

Charleston-based singer-songwriter Eliza Novella dropped a new track, “Sweet,” on Friday, her follow-up to last year’s “Red and Blue.” The artist collaborated with Corey Campbell (Babe Club) on instrumentation and production. “Sweet” is an exploration of the concept of female sweetness. It’s lyrically lush, rich with ripe fruit imagery juxtaposed against the rawness of a denim shirt sleeve, a contrast meant to imply give and take, yin and yang, the struggle between sweetness and the more gruff and direct. Novella’s vocals are smooth, referencing a sort of retro-crooner energy but with a modern attitude. “But I’m not a blackberry / And I’m not a honeycrisp / Oh I’d love to be unsweet without thinking I’m a bitch,” she sings, then distills the issue down to its base: “It’s tough when you’re a woman who was trained to be polite.”

Contributed by Kate Bryan

“Sweet” on Spotify

Wax Jaw – Between the Teeth

The Philadelphia-formed post-punk band Wax Jaw just released their first full-length EP Between the Teeth and it undoubtedly warrants our undivided attention. Wax Jaw possesses a quirky crossover of sounds that mirrors a blend of subgenres that are guaranteed to make waves in the noise pop surf-rock scene. Formed only in February of 2023, the group has managed a reputable influence in their hometown, selling out shows at Silk CityOrtliebs, and PhilaMOCA. The five-piece group justifies its reputation through this eccentric and high-energy EP that exhibits a confident expertise that isn’t typically prevalent in the early days of a newly formed band. Lead singer Shane McBane reveals their extensive vocal compass effortlessly, with the accompaniment of spacey instrumentals that combine into a intrinsically primal sound that heeds moshing and a steadfast following. 

On The Playlist: “Beach (On My Own)

Contributed by Sarah Grace Sherbondy

Between the Teeth on Spotify

MAJOR HU$$LE MAJ – No $econd Chance EP

MAJOR HU$$LE MAJ’s latest EP release, No $econd Chance, produced by Melloe Soule Ent, is a  showcase of original production by DJ Matt Graham, aka DJ MAJR, paired with the mid 2000’s trap sound of MAJOR HU$$LE MAJ’s signature delivery and flow. To ring in the album, MAJ recently dropped a visual for the intro track “OJ Flow”. The album’s five song tracklist serves as assertive proclamations of MAJOR HU$$LE MAJ’s commitment to remaining humble while actively pursuing his mission of financial abundance and positive change for those around him. Each song resonates with his unwavering determination to make a lasting impact through his music, visionary outlook, and overall grind.

On The Playlist: “ALOT” featuring b.k.a. David Seward

Contributed by Thaddeus Adams

No $econd Chance on Spotify

Stop Light Observations – “Good Goodbye”

Charleston’s Stop Light Observations dropped their second single of the year “Good Goodbye” last week and shows off a more buoyant melody with a pleading eeriness and funky elements fans are familiar with. “Good Goodbye” is a hearty tune about a romantic entanglement fueled with lusty inferential lyrics, escorted by retro and loopy synths. This distinguishable group continues to create transformative and soulful music while consistently growing a national following as they approach the last leg of their fall tour. Keeping fans on their toes Stop Light Observations resumes its upward trajectory in captivating the indie anti-pop genre.

Contributed by Sarah Grace Sherbondy

“Good Goodbye” on Spotify

Rello XP! – “ODDS”

Upstate SC’s, Rello XP!’s latest release, “ODDS,” showcases the exceptional talent and lyrical prowess of one of South Carolina’s most renowned battle rappers and prolific wordsmiths. In this powerful song “ODDS”, Rello fearlessly delves into the challenging journey towards self-sustainable greatness that he and the black community face. With a poetic touch, Rello XP! skillfully dissects the notion of odds, highlighting how he is triumphing over societal barriers and setting a new standard for liberation. “ODDS” not only serves as a powerful anthem of resilience and defiance but also as a call to action. The production quality complements Rello’s captivating delivery, elevating the song’s impact and showcasing his versatility as an artist that is hip to the current status of “black consciousness.”

Contributed by Thaddeus Adams

“ODDS” on Spotify

Doom Flamingo – “Long Way Home”

Doom Flamingo released a new single, “Long Way Home,” last Friday, ahead of the band’s Saturday show at The Refinery. It’s an expression of Doom Flamingo’s lighter side, at least instrumentally. Sparkling piano opens the track, and the drums are buoyant and bouncy. Bright synth lends a feeling of sentimentality as Kanika Moore sings of wanting to hold onto a certain love as long as possible. “I’ll give up if you want me to / But it don’t feel right to run from you” she repeats, her vocals full and generous. A layer of jazzy brass fills out the song from start to finish, adding more dimension.

Contributed by Kate Bryan

“Long Way Home” on Spotify

Wu-Tang Clan – “Claudine”

The legendary Wu-Tang Clan return with their first new track in six years, “Claudine.” Featuring Method Man, Ghostface Killah, Nicole Bus, and Mathematics, the track is a nostalgic exploration of love, heartache, and loss. Method Man raps about a deep emotional relationship, and Ghostface Killah raps about the love and appreciation he has for his late mother. Nicole Bus, whose song “You” was initially sampled on “C.R.E.A.M.” back in 1993, contributes the melodic hook. November 9th marks the 30th anniversary of the debut Wu-Tang album, Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).

Contributed by Chris Huber

“Claudine” on Spotify

Sierra Ferrell – “Fox Hunt”

Sierra Ferrell’s upbeat new single, “Fox Hunt” was released last week. The track captures the energy of hunter on an energetic search for foxes in the forest. As the fiddle-driven tune drives along, we are presented with imaginative lyrics about chasing these critters, and the necessity of catching food for one’s family. The track has been a live staple for Ferrell since 2022, and as we look to 2023 we hope to hear even more new music from this rising country-folk star.

Contributed by Chris Huber

“Fox Hunt” on Spotify

Lawrence – “23”

Lawrence, the NYC-based sibling-duo-turned-eight-piece pop group who are currently on tour with the Jonas Brothers, released a new single on October 20th called “23.” The track is all about hearing that 23 would be the best year of your life, but then when you get there, 23 sucks. Hate to break it to the young folks reading this, but every year after 23 sucks, too. This song is infectiously catchy, and Lawrence are obviously going to blow up even more than they already have considering their current touring status.

Contributed by Chris Huber

“23” on Spotify

DONAWA – “Waking Up”

Patrick Morris from renowned Charleston-based sibling duo The Mobros has just released a new single under his solo project DONAWA, “Waking Up.” As the second self-recorded and self-produced track that he’s released, “Waking Up” is an upbeat, lightweight track about opening yourself up to new perspectives and change. Patrick performed with a newly-formed full DONAWA band last weekend in Charleston at the Royal American.

Contributed by Chris Huber

“Waking Up” on Spotify

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong – “Alright Tonight”

Baltimore-based funky jam band Pigeons Playing Ping Pong have a new single out called “Alright Tonight.” According to the press release, the track was written at band practice and formed out of organic collaboration between the band members (fitting for a jam band). I was surprised to find that the guitar solo played by vocalist and rhythm guitarist “Scrambled Greg” Ormont marks his first solo in the studio with PPPP.

Contributed by Chris Huber

“Alright Tonight” on Spotify