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New Music Radar

New Music Radar for November 29th, 2023

Ty Segall – “My Room”

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The OG Eggman Ty Segall released the sonic single “My Room” this month and it strikes as one of his more heady tunes compared to his quicksilver discography. With an offbeat attitude, layered instrumentals, and a heavily compressed bassline this tune sounds as if it was composed while simultaneously traveling through a sublime vortex. All while maintaining its relatable melody applying to comfortability in familiarity, “Out there, I’m too dizzy I’d rather be inside my room”, Segall continues to destabilize the experimental art pop genre while exponentially maintaining the gutsy fuzz he’s well-known for. The single is Ty’s first release of the year and will be featured on the upcoming album Three Bells, set to be released on January 26th. 

Contributed by Sarah Grace Sherbondy

LaTeeDa – “Reasons”

Songstress LaTeeDa’s latest release, “Reasons,” is a heartfelt ode that immerses listeners into the warm embrace of neo soul. The singer/songwriter’s genuine passion shines through with her gentle soliloquy of melodies and harmonies, which gracefully soar through an ever-changing vocal range of highs and lows. With “Reasons,” LaTeeDa captures the essence of choosing love and expressing the multitude of reasons for trust and affection. As her first solo release, this track showcases her undeniable talent, and it’s truly refreshing to witness the translation of her live performances onto this recording. “Reasons” is a ray of hope and compassion that leaves a lasting impression, inviting us to embrace the power of love and connection.

Contributed by Thaddeus Adams

Tyrie – “HIGH AND DRY”

Charleston hip-hop artist and innovator Tyrie switches gears with his newest release, “HIGH AND DRY.” The track is single from his upcoming Mona Lisa album, which drops on December 15th with a hometown album release party at Lofi Brewing. “HIGH AND DRY” represents a change of style for Tyrie, weaving in elements of modern pop music with his signature boom to provide his take relationships and breakups from an emotional point of view. We get less straightforward rap and more signing and sonic exploration. Tyrie continues to evolve and grow as an artist and the upcoming release of Mona Lisa represents a new era of creation, and we are here for it.

Contributed by Chris Huber

Pinkest – “Catholic Spain”

Music Video

Hailing from Atlanta’s DIY scene is the four-piece grunge garage rock staple, Pinkest. “Catholic Spain” marks the group’s first release in over two years, and is atypical in its own genre that contains psychedelic fades, striking synths, and metalcore elements. With erratic instrumentation and hulky guitar screeches Pinkest elevates their sound to a higher level of hardcore, accentuated through tinnitus ringing, screamo accents, and transient melodies. The single will be featured in the band’s upcoming project As Real As Life Can Be.

Contributed by Sarah Grace Sherbondy

The Lemonheads –  “Fear of Living”

90s heartthrob Evan Dando of The Lemonheads returns with the release of the two-minute single “Fear of Living” which was co-written with the late Dan Lardner of QTM. With bass-baritone-like vocals “Fear of Living” is the group’s first original song release in seventeen years and is an extraordinary mixture of harsh reality and lofty honest lyrics, “life is short and unforgiving”. The tune is crafty yet reflective through its streamlined arrangements and we can only hope to be the beginning of a new project for The Lemonheads.

Contributed by Sarah Grace Sherbondy

Hotel Hugo – “Blame No. 4”

Charleston indie rockers Hotel Hugo dropped a new single last week called “Blame No. 4,” a laid back song about recurring disagreements in a long-term romantic relationship. While many songs with this theme would tend to be pessimistic, “Blame No. 4” points out how these disagreements are always followed by feelings of love and appreciation. Amidst a laid-back groove, Hotel Hugo concludes that the best way forward is to recognize that the responsibility for the arguments is split between the two of them. In the end, the relationship prevails because both parties can agree on this. We like a happy love song, every now and then.

Contributed by Chris Huber

Malcolm Fl3x – Fl3X

Faded Circle CEO and rap artist Malcolm Fl3X has been dropping singles, opening for nationally acclaimed artists, and building a unique brand with a steady vision. In his self titled EP Fl3X, produced by Ben Beam, he gives listeners a solid introduction into his vision, motivations, principles and plans he stand on to obtain success with and beyond music with longevity. The album emphasizes the importance of focus, perseverance, and surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals who prioritize action and execution. Fl3X’s direct, punch-driven, high-energy style complements Ben Beam’s usual lo-fi, vintage production, resulting in a versatile, yet cohesive auditory experience throughout the EP.

While tracks like “Clarity” demonstrate their perfect synergy, the ‘best of both worlds’, my personal favorites are “Feed that Dope” and  “99Fl3X,” which highlight Fl3X’s lyrical prowess and Beam’s skillful production that complements all aspects of Fl3X’s theme, delivery, and presentation.

On the playlist: “Clarity”

Contributed by Thaddeus Adams

Babe Club – “Middle of Nowhere”

Charleston indie pop duo Babe Club treated us to a new single, “Middle of Nowhere,” in mid-November. The track takes a minimalistic approach compared to some of the punchy, more gilded pop songs the band has recently released. The focus rests on simple, wistful acoustic guitar and Desmond’s voice, which is gentle but vibrant. She sings of wanting to get lost in the middle of nowhere, yearning for a bit of recklessness, yearning for the freedom of acting without a plan, yearning for the act of yearning itself. Echoes and a sprinkling of synth add a buzzy undercurrent of hope to an otherwise nostalgic track.

Contributed by Kate Bryan

Mechanical River – Mechanical River Dream Band EP 

Mechanical River, the eccentric project helmed by musician and songwriter Joel Hamiliton, released a new EP, Mechanical River Dream Band, this weekend. The four songs come together as a melange of innovative garage rock and dreamy psych pop with layers of contemplative rage. Each track touches on something hazy yet familiar, like dredged up fragments of a weird dream. Gritty bass is threaded through much of the EP. “Cross The Line,” the closing track, features more synth, and Hamiliton’s vocals bubble up and burst like pop rocks. The angst is still there, but it’s carried on a frenetic beat until the end, when his voice turns raw and ragged, an act of catharsis for both artist and listener. 

On this playlist – “Cross The Line”

Contributed by Kate Bryan


Indie rock band PACKS, a project out of Toronto fronted by vocalist Madeline Link, dropped a new single, “HFCS,” earlier this month. The song feels post-punk in spirit, with brash guitar and plucky drums simmering against bold vocals. “HFCS” is scuzzy but sparkling, glimmering like a match in a dark room. It calls to mind smeared eye makeup and flashing lights, a house show in someone’s garage. This smoldering scrappiness satisfies a craving, much like the substance referenced in the title, high fructose corn syrup. 

Contributed by Kate Bryan

Keem De La Soul – Midnight Gospel

Keem De La Soul’s 10-track album, Midnight Gospel, has secured a spot among my personal top 5 rap albums of the year. This #GxldApproved project showcases Keem’s exceptional artistry as he delivers wisdom, passion, and the human experience with spiritual undertones.

One standout track, “Nicky Tesla,” intertwines orchestral choral loops with a semi-synthesized trap instrumental, providing a contrasting backdrop for Keem’s rhythmic flow. Amidst the seemingly spicy and busy beat, the power of contrast becomes a delightful guest in this song and is a concurrent theme throughout Midnight Gospel.

Notable Tracks: “Nicky Tesla”, “Root Chakra”, “Communion Drunk”

Contributed by Thaddeus Adams

Real Estate – “Water Underground”

Indie jangle-pop pioneers, one of my college favorites, Real Estate return with a new single, “Water Underground.” The track is the lead single from the group’s upcoming album, Daniel, due out on February 23rd. As to be expected, “Water Underground” is full of Infinite Jangle, which just so happens to be the name of their upcoming 2024 tour. This is a band that has become less relevant over the years but still delivers on the sound that drew me in years ago — bubbly guitar pop with vocals washed in reverb, and lyrics about the search for meaning. Your recipe for capturing the college stoner.

Contributed by Chris Huber

MJ Lenderman – And The Wind (Live and Loose!)

Rising Asheville-based indie rocker MJ Lenderman dropped a new live album earlier this month, and we bumped it in my backyard during the Extra Chill Friendsgiving party. Recorded during the summer of 2023, the record provides an excellent representation of the songwriter’s diverse catalogue through the lens of an alternative country rock band, reminiscent of Uncle Tupelo or A.M. era Wilco. At 15 songs deep, it’s hard to pick just one track to include on this playlist, but I have to go with the recent single “Knockin.” Win me over with a Bob Dylan reference, why don’t you.

Shout out to Chase Heffron and Wesley Heaton for sharing this with me.

On the playlist: “Knockin – Live”

Contributed by Chris Huber