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New Music Radar

New Music Radar for January 31st, 2024

Added by Kate Bryan

Ty Segall – “I Hear”

Indie rock multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Ty Segall dropped a new album, Three Bells, last Friday. The project displays his familiar disruptive garage rock hijinx, and much of the album dances in and out of psych-folk territory. Frazzled and fuzzy electric guitars and garbled vocals abound. On standout track “I Hear,” one zippy acid-rock guitar groans against another, more jangly one. The song bobs on a high-energy beat and dissolves into textured noise about a third of the way in. It feels like a classic Ty Segall track, showing him delivering into experimentation rather than resting on what is stale.

Brad Stank – “In the Midst of You”

Bedroom pop-meets-R&B artist Brad Stank released a new collection of slow jams, In the Midst of You, last Friday. Stank’s deep, throaty voice is the through-line of the album, accented by crisp pop flourishes that create a pleasing balance of shiny and sensual. The title track (and last song of the album), “In the Midst of You,” is a tender, piano-driven ballad that melds smoky vocals and funky jazz instrumentation. Lovey-dovey lyrics rendered in harmony halfway through the track strike a romantic note: consider bookmarking this song for your Valentine’s Day plans…

Palace – “Bleach”

British alt-rock band Palace released a new single, “Bleach,” last week, and it’s a supremely satisfying listen for anybody craving for some old school, moody, pop-influenced rock à la early Coldplay. The song embraces a rich full-band sound, with a cinematic low bass line, driving drums, and call-and-response vocals that fall at a cathartic rhythm. Lyrics like “We’ll bleach our hair together / I’ll hold you tight forever” and “We’ll reach for something better / We’ll gaze at stars for pleasure” create the charming image of an offbeat romance. “Bleach” isn’t as exploratory or groove-heavy as some of the band’s earlier work, but it hits a certain spot.

Added by Thaddeus Adams

NiMo Bluus – “If You Love Me”

As soon as I turned on “If You Love Me” by NiMo Bluus and heard that Brownstone sample I knew I was in for a treat. Coupled with NiMo’s brassy vocals and snappy cadence-NiMo pieced together a nice, trappy ode to the heavy hearted, as he sorts his way through trust issues, intuition, and feelings in relationship in parallel to him living as a bachelor. I love the fact that rap music allows us many ways to explain our perception of different concepts, and in the realm of the age old question “Who do you love?”-NiMo gives his view as only Mr. Bluus can! Bold delivery over a prime Mossberg Montana production. After talking to NiMo a few weeks ago, y’all better strap in and get ready for more music, visuals, and moves!

Slim S.O.U.L ft. Caminator – “Talk To Me Nice”

Following an in-depth conversation with Slim SOUL about his brand, vision, the birth of Soul Inn Studios, and the collective effort behind Soul Power Productions, y’all better talk my guy NICE! Demonstrating not just the idea of commanding respect, but also weaving that notion into a smooth, gentle rhapsody, Slim SOUL collaborated with Cam Wescott, lead singer and multi-instrumentalist of Psycadelics, for “Talk To Me Nice”. Accompanied by a video directed by Persona La Ave, featuring glimpses of a romantic evening with his fiancé against the backdrop of a high-rise Charleston view, Slim bids farewell to January with a soulful dance. Delving deeper into the video’s significance, Slim SOUL reveals that “Talk to Me Nice” extends beyond being just a song but a movement. Check out the track on our New Music Radar and keep an eye out for our upcoming interview with Slim for the official debut of “The Ice Box” by Extra Chill.


When it comes to ‘bearing it all’ over wax, no one does it quite as unapologetically as KingBryOnDaBeat. I covered a few of his releases last year which were a trifecta of songs and visuals with striking wordplay, wide view retrospection, and a thirst to emerge from the debris left by mistakes, bad decisions, and lack of self awareness- he continues the culture of heart-felt brutal honesty with “Imagine”. His words make you take a long look in the mirror and give power to the magic of self discovery and healing. Though his stories are deeply personal, they show that pain and hurt holds no bounds and it is indeed something we need to embrace in order to become all we can be. Throughout the song and most of his music, he talks about the different signs, theories, and synchronicities that correlate to his positions in life and how they change him. Take a trip into the 4th dimension as we “Imagine” with KingBry.

Melloe Soule – “We Ain’t Stress” / “Big Pimpin”

Editor’s Note: These tracks come from Melloe Soule’s new album, Dinner Party. See the full #GxldApproved Album Review.

Added by Sarah Grace Sherbondy

Orange Doors – “Tornado

Charleston’s beloved crayon crew, Orange Doors, dropped their newest single “Tornado” this month. The illusive 7-minute track was recorded at the band’s home studio and has a softer, more folky, and acoustic draw compared to their existing discography. Soothing yet still possessing their notorious whirling technique within isolated instrumentals, “Tornado” conjoins an array of emotions with a melting pot of melodic strums and transcendent synths that peak with experimental freedom. This ballad sounds as if it’s taking you on a journey from the bottom of a mountain to the top, reaching pinnacle awareness.

McCarthy Fitch – “Scare

“Scare”, the single under McCarthy Fitch’s (bass/guitar/vocals) project, surfaced on Friday with the accompaniment of Justin McCraney (guitar/vocals) and, of course, Alex Brouwer on the drums. The CofC Jazz Program graduate conceptualized the single in 2020 (hence the name) and finished out the track at The Lab with Matt Tuton on production. The digital soundscape that is “Scare” takes off through shoegaze modulation and prominent reverb, generating a harmonious, sonic obliteration. The tune itself is a collective articulation of exemplary friction between the magnetic rattle of guitars and baritone vocals that create this sub-genre of dance-punk with new wave instrumentation.

Briston Maroney – “I Told You So

Music Video

Briston Maroney dropped the enchanting four-minute single “I Told You So” last week, and it doesn’t slip in meeting every expectation of an exceedingly soothing acoustic melody that plays in your head for the remainder of the day. The Tennessean-born indie-Americana artist delivers infectiously cathartic lyrics that describe a road trip with a lover, “Feels like you knew me, before I knew myself / Head underwater, with things I couldn’t help” and the familiar mention of missing an exit sign or two. “I Told You So” is confessional with a sense of solitude, brokenhearted in admiration, and closes in a euphoric echoing crescendo of sliding guitar that roars almost as if it’s got a secret to tell.

Added by Meghan Veino

MGMT – “Bubblegum Dog”

Earlier this month, MGMT released their long-awaited track, “Bubblegum Dog,” maintaining their psychedelic alt-rock sound. The song was originally recorded for their 2018 record, Little Dark Age, but did not make the cut. The single features playful yet grave lyrics that delve into negative effects of adopting a cynical outlook on life, while simultaneously paying tribute to the moody 90s grunge artists that the band looked up to growing up. The full album, Loss of Life, comes out on February 23rd. 

CASTLEBEAT – “Moonlight”

CASTLEBEAT, known for a dreamy melodic sound, has released a new single, “Moonlight.” Josh Hwang, the face behind the name, is recognized for his unpolished, DIY home recordings that paint a nostalgic mood. If you’re into dream pop and alt-rock that emerges through clouds of reverb and synthesizers, you do not want to overlook CASTLEBEAT.

Molly Lewis feat. Thee Sacred Souls – “Crushed Velvet”

Over the past three years, Molly Lewis and Thee Sacred Souls have garnered considerable attention and recognition within the music industry. Lewis, known for her romantic dreamy whistling, and Thee Sacred Souls, known for their retro-soul sound, have teamed up to create this hauntingly beautiful instrumental track. It will transport you straight into the ambiance of a dimly lit, cigarette smoke filled Vegas casino. This track is the first single for Molly Lewis’ upcoming album, On the Lips, to be released on February 16th.

Added by Chris Huber

Kacey Musgraves – “Three Little Birds”

Kacey Musgraves doing Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” is the most soothing, relaxing cover that I didn’t know I needed. It’s my lone contribution to this week’s playlist because I am exhausted.