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Melloe Soule – Dinner Party (Album Review)

I am proud to announce and introduce Dinner Party, the first full album by Melloe Soule, headed by Matt Graham (aka Lonny LeChance & DJ MAJR) and B.k.a. David Seward. The album is a compilation tape that features all of Melloe Soule and their constituents. Fully produced and engineered by Matt and David, the album is a milestone for the Melloe Soule brand because it’s the summary of the journey, sound, environment, and bond that they continue to build as a unit.

I was introduced to Melloe Soule two years ago when they began the Summer Soule Sessions at The Purple Buffalo. These shows featured heavy line ups of different underground music and art. Through that, they built a strong foundation and grew a network of artists and connections from the events. Each of the artist featured on Dinner Party performed at a Mellow Soule event, which in itself shows the full circle spectrum of community and longevity over these years. 

Beyond the Melloe Soule family and friends, the album holds a spotlight on the various sounds that have been cultivated by its creators Matt Graham and Bka Dave Seward. Starting with Matt Graham aka DJ Majr who has been a major pillar in the the current resurgence of underground hip hop as a DJ, debuted his rap alternate ego, Lonny LeChance in 2023 with This is a Bad Idea and has hit the ground running. He flexes throughout dinner party on the production, then shifts gears and drops bars songs like “Big Pimpin”. It’s been excited to see the homie come from behind the DJ booth and bless the mic. 

B.k.a. David Seward f.k.a. as Uber Dave, has consistently developed and grown into his unique sound which is a fusion of autotune, melody switches, and a dance on the line of rap and unorthodox, automated, vocal harmonizing.

David thrives in this pocket with songs like “We Ain’t Stress”, “Finer Things” feat GeechieDaPoet, and “Real One”. The more he continues to experiment and refine the sound, the more I enjoy it. David being more prevalent lyrically on the album, completes the balance with the ‘rapper and producer’ tag team-but he also chunks in some production credits with Wake Up feat Faiith and Sikk One. 

There’s a variety of rap styles and sounds present on the album. The stylings of Melloe Soule artists Lou Algiedi, Major Hussle Maj, and Big Bandit further the repertoire of sub genre hip hop with their individual respective sounds. Keeping it even funkier, Melloe Soule included strong guest appearances from NU of UnHeard Ent, Jeno Judges of Jeno Judges Ent, Dre The Poet and more! Contemporary hip hop, southern trap, experimental chill hop, R&B, conscious rap, poetry and the list can go on.

Conceptually, each artist involved brings a bit of their mindset/framework to their given track. That being said, there are so many emotions and feelings evoked from song to song. Everyday societal struggles in songs like “We Ain’t Stress” and “Hustle Life”. The feel good vibes of songs like “Big Pimpin” and “Moon Rocks”, and I could go on. So many ‘ebbs and flows’-vibes and strides in this 14 piece Melloe Soule playlist. 

“Dinner Party” is the perfect introduction to all parts of Melloe Soule, their sound, and even their mission as a movement in Charleston hip hop. Watching them evolve and grow into the thriving Charleston Underground has been a dope spectacle. Tap in to Melloe Soule and each individual that gave a piece of themselves to their movement. Keep amplifying the renaissance.