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Fo Daniels – “Angel In The Streetlights”

Fo Daniels dropped a new track, “Angel In The Streetlights,” on Saturday. It’s the artist’s most recent release since “Promises” / “Portrait of a Morning,” which came out in July.

“Angel In The Streetlights” is an older track, one that Daniels had tucked away in his back pocket until finally recording it during a trip to Los Angeles with old friends/former bandmates Cole Smith on Violin, Garrett Blackwell on bass, and Ethan Mole on drums.

The song opens with an acoustic guitar sound that skews morose, the croon of a violin furthering the emotion. Daniels sings ardently about being enraptured by someone. “If I’m lucky / You’ll give a piece of you / Just to hold for a while,” he sings, describing someone “smoldering.”

The intensity picks up in the chorus, building toward a fuller band sound. The drums, guitar, and bass all pulsate with frantic energy.  “Be careful when you touch me / I just might get burned,” Daniels sings. 

The song was tracked live, lending it an air of gritty authenticity even post-production. “Angel In The Streetlights” was mixed and mastered by Charleston Native Zach Fisher at Big Bad Sound Studios in LA. Stream the track below.