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Tyrie – “Volume” & “Level” (Videos)

Charleston hip-hop artist Tyrie recently released a pair of music videos for singles “Volume” and “Level” off his upcoming album, Season 2, set for release next Friday, May 14th. The new album follows his 2019 release Season 1, which Black Dave shared his thoughts about here on Extra Chill. “Volume” and “Level” were presented in a two-part cinematic video series, directed and edited by Nick Howle. Both videos were filmed in Charleston and star Tyrie himself along with a cast of his friends, and each one depicts a different side of the artist.

“Volume” showcases his more emotional side, with moody production and tripped-out vocals. The video starts with Tyrie being stood up, and proceeding to go out and get wasted with his friends to fill the void. He’s surrounded by people, but he’s living inside his own mind.

“Level” is upbeat and fun, taking a more straightforward approach with bars and a hook. Since he’s wearing the same outfit as the “Volume” video, one can assume that it takes place the morning after, hungover on the couch at the downtown Charleston bridge skate spot. He flips on the TV to the cooking channel, where he sees an alternate version of himself making gluten-free and vegan cupcakes.

I personally prefer the lighthearted “Level” approach over the “Volume” approach, at least where these two songs are concerned, but the fact that the tracks each have a style that stands on its own shows that Tyrie is a versatile artist. We can likely expect more of this versatility to reveal itself on Season 2.

Watch the “Volume” and “Level” music videos from Tyrie below. Stay tuned for Season 2 dropping next Friday, May 14th.