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#GxldApproved South Carolina Hip-Hop

It’s An ‘EXTRA GXLDEN’ Valentine’s Day

The #GxldApproved section for Extra Chill Magazine usually features some of South Carolina’s rising creatives in the local Charleston scene. However, today is a special day…THE DAY OF LOVE! Below is an Extra Chill Valentine’s playlist to set the mood for you and your loved one tonight. This playlist is full of #GxldApproved love songs, featuring everything from the classics to the current hits. Once again, Happy Valentine’s Day from Extra Chill. Add the playlist below and thank me later!


Let’s start this month off right! Here’s a list of a few February releases coming up from various artists around the city. I’ve been honored to be able to preview a few of the projects listed below and there’s some real #GXLDAPPROVED heat here folks, so tap in! Links and reviews coming soon!

Nimo Bluus – Bluus Cluus – Feb. 1st (@nimobluus)
Mike Burna – Greatness In My Dna – Feb. 3rd (@mikeburna1990)
WestWorld Huncho ft. Long Money Phil – Free Blee Feb. 3rd (@westworld_honcho)
Traeko – “Fall In Line”- Feb. 3rd (@traeko_)
Quelle the Prophet ft. Masta Splinta – “Intro Dos” Feb. 7th (@Quellepharrell)
Tyrie – 4 Flights – Feb. 9th (@mindoftyrie)
DJ DollaMenu – OTW – Feb. 22nd (@djdollamenu)
Really Valentine – Rat-Tail Comb – Feb. 10th (@really_valentine)


2023 has kicked off with some absolute FUEGO from some of Charleston’s dopest hip-hop artists. Everything from experimental hip-hop to ‘pop you in the mouth’ lyricism has been floating through the air of the city since late 2022. In order to make sure the people can stay tapped into Charleston’s ever-growing local hip-hop scene; I’ll be adding 20 of my favorite releases to the Spotify playlist below!

Here’s a list of 20 #GXLDAPPROVED releases you should definitely add to your playlists:

1. Shayne Sanders-“Heartless”
2. De$oul- “No Trouble”
3. Mike Live- “High Knees”
4. Anfernee-“Ultradian”
5. Big Body Gz- “Mercy”
6. Lou Algiedi- “Trench Baby”
7. Skip Lo- Bodega
8. Sxvxnt- “Don’t Think”
9. King Cutler- Status Symbol
10. Jah Jr.- “FeetsOnNecks
11. Mike Brown- HER
12. Mach Rich- “Mink”
13. Tyrie- “No Cap”
14. Cap- Cap N Bluus
15. Hirow- Hell Is Empty, Vol 2.5
16. Denver Lanes- “Like That”
17. Brandon Noir- “Heart2Heart”
18. DJ DollaMenu- “3 Shots”
19. Pepe La Prada & Colors The Network Man- Afterthought
20. Loser Chris-“Beer In Hell”