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#GxldApproved Wednesdays in Charleston, SC

Wednesdays are always a weird transitional part of the week. One foot in, one foot out. Do I practice top-notch adulting and save all of my energy for the weekend? Or do I set the upcoming weekend off by getting a taste of Charleston’s always lively nightlife? #QTNA

The answer is: YOLO.

Hehe, I’m joking, but just in case you are caught between that rock and a hard place, and you choose to step out on Wednesday nights, I have a few #GxldApproved events to tell you about that go down in Charleston every Wednesday night.

Artist Industry Night at Blue Note Bistro

Kicking off the list, is the “Artist Industry Night at Blue Note Bistro”, which is hosted and curated by Charleston’s own Mike Brown and Tay Simone of Z93.

The duo has teamed with Blue Note Bistro in North Charleston, SC, to provide a cool, intimate, mature setting for artists to perform and make connections with not only other artists, but established creatives, producers, managers, etc. The doors open at 8PM and besides the amount of networking and talent that hits the stage, there is a great selection of food and drinks.

1 Mic Revolution at The Ritz Bar and Grill

Next is the “1 Mic Revolution” at The Ritz Bar and Grill, that is also in North Charleston, SC. This weekly showcase, hosted by rap artist and manager Jeno Judges, is curated by his label BDMR and The Ritz Bar & Grill.

Each Wednesday at 9PM they host an open-mic style, artist showcase that puts a highlight on independent talent in the city. Each week has different themes such: guys vs. girls, all girls, all guys, R&B nights, etc. ‘The Outlaw King’ Jeno Judges, consistently hits the stage with high levels of energy, from 8PM until the show is over and keeps the crowd going with charisma and local hits.

The Buffalo Collective843 at The Purple Buffalo

Lastly, but not least, is “The Buffalo Collective843” hosted by Dan Dickey, manager and owner of The Purple Buffalo. The Buffalo’s event, unlike the other two, is a smaller scale collective of various artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs that meet from 8PM-9PM every Wednesday to influence and grow collaborative efforts in the Charleston scene. A line-up of performers and DJ’s usually follow the event so you can indulge in the musical happenings after the networking piece.

#GxldApproved Wednesdays

All in all, if you want to introduce your music to the independent scene in Charleston or stay in tune with rising local artists and creatives in a very chill, grown and sexy environment…hit up Blue Note Bistro on Wednesdays and kick it with Mike Brown and Tay Simone!

If you still want to showcase your talents, listen to other creatives, network and turn it up a notch while doing it? Roll up with Geno Judges and BDMR to The Ritz Bar & Grill every Wednesday.

If you are more behind the scenes and want to learn how we can connect and build together as artists, creatives, businesses, and investors, then The Buffalo is the place to go on…. you guessed it…Wednesdays.

A bit of something for EVERYBODY!!! Whether you are an observer, looking for something to do, or you are an upcoming creative looking get involved with the movements in the city, you should definitely tap into these #GxldApproved weekly events! Happy Humpday!