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Young Luna – “Not Playin'”

Charleston’s hip-hop scene is primed and geared for the summer. Events, releases, videos, content, etc is coming out in heavier volumes than usual in the city. Adding to the #GxldApproved track-list of drops is Young Luna with the release of of “Not Playin”.

“Not Playin'” comes as the follow-up release to his 2020 album Lunacy that gave listeners an intrapersonal view of Young Luna’s life and reinvention of himself as an artist, man, and father. However, Young Luna stays true to the title of the track with the high-energy, punchy, trap feels and lets his listeners and oppositions know that he is ‘not playin’ about this comeback and his rise as an artist in the city of Charleston.

One of the things that stood out to me the most about “Not Playin” was the production by A.T. Beats and how Young Luna exhibited dynamic growth in his lyricism. You can tell he wrote this with a chip on his shoulder and a point to prove, as well as giving you something to ‘turn up’ to with the vibrant production of 3 sounds mixed into one with clean transitions and sticking to the grit of the song.

Dabbling in the realm of being motivated, money-driven and determined to leave a unique footprint in the rap scene, Young Luna hits the track with a vigorous abundance of punchlines and strong statements to bring the concept home that he is standing on his vision and delivering it with a vengeance.

“…don’t play with me/I’ma show you young ****** do not start a race with me/ima show these old heads you cannot keep up pace with me/and when this s*** drop you cannot show your face with me/man are you feeling me?/I been keepin’ my peace but I’m not gon’ go willingly”

“Not Playin'” is the first release to lead into an upcoming full project. Young Luna made it very clear that we should be expecting some more music with this level of energy very soon and that the pressure is being applied all 2023. Stream “Not Playin” and get familiar with the #GxldApproved creative Young Luna.