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Never Better – “Light It Up”

In honor of the first day of fall, Charleston rock band Never Better released a new single this morning called “Light It Up”. This one has become an early fan favorite at Never Better shows, with the crowd rocking back and forth to the slow-burning beat, and some even singing along to the easy-to-learn chorus. Never Better might as well hand out lighters for their fans to wave in the sky for this one, because that’s the kind of song we’ve got here.

“Light It Up” was recorded with Matt Zutell at Coast Records, and is Never Better frontman and songwriter DJ Edwards’ take on a nihilistic anthem. According to DJ, this is his response to the collegiate nihilist who reads Camus’ The Stranger or The Fall for the first time and decides that since nothing matters, they don’t have to do anything. With “Light It Up”, Never Better spins that notion around, suggesting that since nothing matters, you might as well chase your dreams without fear of failure.

Never Better has been pretty consistent since their formation earlier this year. They’ve already released two animated music videos (“Be Here” and “Mind”), both of which were hand-drawn by DJ, and played a handful of shows that have drawn larger crowds each time. It’s an example of how being consistent and organized can lead to good things for a new band, and Never Better is just getting started.

Listen to “Light It Up” below, and stay tuned for more from Never Better coming soon. Did somebody mention a live session?