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South Carolina Greatest Hits (Playlist)

With all this free time on our hands, we decided it’s finally time for Extra Chill to launch a Spotify account. To kick things off, we’ve compiled a playlist featuring all the best songs to come out of the South Carolina music scene. It’s called South Carolina Greatest Hits, and it’s got over 8 hours worth of excellent South Carolina music. Just press play and get back to whatever quarantine activity you’re doing to occupy your time.

We plan to keep this playlist up-to-date with all new South Carolina bangers that are released, and to include anything good that we might have missed in the meantime.

We’re also going to make a lot more playlists, so you should follow us on Spotify and check out what we’re listening to. If you’re wondering how to get on Spotify playlists, check out our guide here.

Enjoy the greatest hits of the South Carolina music scene below.