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LayLow Gee – “Bag Getter”

In our continued commitment to showcase underground, independent hip-hop artists in Charleston through #GxldApproved, we often stumble upon some outstanding talents. These are not just the artists you may already know, but more importantly, the ones you NEED TO KNOW. It’s in this spirit that I introduce you to LayLow Gee, a rising star in the BGR Family, who was recently introduced to me by CrucialBGR.

LayLow Gee’s single, “Bag Getter,” brings a fresh, high-frequency pulse to the Charleston street music scene. In this track, he delivers a unique perspective about being money motivated and the principles he follows to keep that drive in motion. As LayLow says, it’s about making it ‘by hook or crook’.

With its dark, heavy horns, dragging kicks, and active high hats, “Bag Getter” is a testament to LayLow Gee’s authenticity in Charleston. His delivery and unfiltered narratives of his life as a ‘bag getter’ provide an undeniable authenticity to his words. His lyrics resonate with the struggles, hopes, and determination of the city’s streets:

“Got me callin plays like I’m David Banner/I been stuck up in the streets, I been raised up in ’em/ I been praying to the lord, but dammit I been sinnin x2….I a certified bag getta’/ I got cash…./show me Mo’ money, stop postin’ what ya had…./women say they love me, cuz I’m nothing like they last…./I done ran it up, and f***d around done pass …../”

LayLow Gee is one of those talents that we’re excited to share with our Extra Chill fam. Tap in, give “Bag Getter” a listen, and get to know this artist on the rise from the BGR Family.