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BadTalks – “She Knew It” feat. The KYI

This #GxldApproved release might be one of my personal favorites of the month. BadTalks just dropped “She Knew It” feat The KYI. Both artists have been making waves with consistent live performance appearances around Charleston. Adding to each of their growing streaming catalog, is the flavor filled “She Knew It” — possessing two very different styles, swished together to make a spacey, boutique hip hop filled tune for us to vibe to.

Produced by BadTalks himself, “She Knew It” swings through the concepts of putting pride to the side and being transparent about the internal turmoils we all go through but often times mask. This is an ode to not only dealing with internal fricitions, but recognizing that this universal process is indeed what makes us human. Driven by paced kick drums and alluring synths, “She Knows It” takes us through an intermingling of two streams of consciousness in one body of thought.

The poetic, self-awareness of BadTalks verses with the jazzy, scat of The KYI’s harmonic odes-fade in and out of each other to give us almost conversational pieces of their exposed truth. BadTalks bares it all with: “I don’t feel, emotions leave me in a place I’m trapped/how it feels like all these needles driving me to stay in tact/life is tough so we break and we throw s***/we’re just young all this hate got me explosive”.

This is followed by The KYI finishing BadTalks thought with: “..let the time bomb release and throw it/all in range are in danger and they know it/better move you might die if I don’t like you/don’t look too hard, my life my just blind you.” I really like the back and forth approach and how they keep cohesive, melody, and flow, wavy and consistent throughout the groove.

Personally, I am fan of the ‘heart displayed in the open’ type of lyricism. Anger, depression, numbness make us human and are all tough concepts to tackle. To execute it with such harmonious soul, “She Knew It”, is another #GxldApproved jam to add to our playlists for the summer.

Tap in to BadTalks and The KYI and stream their single “She Knew It” below!