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BadTalks & EL – “Not All Here”

The first week of April has had some gems dropping on all cylinders, adding to that list is BadTalks & EL’s “Not All Here”. BadTalks is an all around creative in the city of Charleston. He produces and engineers a vast majority of his own music, and is becoming a known songwriter and producer. EL from The Valley is also a jack of all trades, growing into the mastery of it all. He’s a photographer, videographer, producer, artist etc.

“Not All Here” is an au courant take on the theme of detachment. Not being able to be fully present because you’re not ” all there” mentally, spiritually, or emotionally due to the past or trauma. A smooth swinging beat and some boldly honest verses from the two songwriters, offer two relatable perspectives on the concept of past issues, creating current patterns.

They take the difficult theme and make it relatable and colorful, without withholding the depth of their lyricism. A few bars that really hold weight for me is when BadTalks says “..back to you/I act a fool/and I don’t think I’m flawless, but honest/I’m not too familiar with my problems..and I don’t call enough, so why you vacant now? Im making sense, I don’t wanna break it down / I’m not strong enough, not involved enough,” whew.

Then EL sails in with: “..dont catch feelings, I’m just another man with a pole/if I catch ’em false claiming we gon come snatch his soul/I know you over here smoking, but that’s part of the problem/hood trauma from growing up, I don’t know how to solve it”.

Both artists struck cords in this collaboration and did it with #GxldApproved style. Check out Bad Talks & EL’s single “Not All Here” available on all platforms and tap in with these two creatives!