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Premiere: Late Nite Laundry – “Fantasy”

Today we’re happy to debut “Fantasy”, the new single from Chicago DIY rockers Late Nite Laundry. The single will hit all streaming platforms tomorrow, December 11th, and represents a step into the unknown for the band. They parted ways with former lead singer Kaitlin Logan at the start of the pandemic, and canceled some big plans they had for 2020 including extensive touring and the release of a full length album. They’ve spent the majority of the year instead taking things back to the drawing board, digging deeply into the DIY element at their core. With “Fantasy” Late Nite Laundry return with guitarist Ari Lindo taking over the role of lead vocals, and a new outlook for the future.

“We’ve been DIY since day 1, but 2020 has really solidified it,” explains bassist Emily Burlew. “One of the strongest aspects of our band is that we as individuals possess interests and skills that play to various roles in the creative process. Years before we formed, Brenden (keys) was already diving into the production side of music from his living room. Now he records and mixes our music, and Fantasy will be the first single we’re putting out with his mark on it. I got into design and printmaking just as we all got together. From the start I’ve created most of LNL’s show posters and merchandise. Alex (drummer) has been all around Chicago, playing gigs for any artist you can think of and is our king of connections. Ari (guitarist) is the brain of the band, both musically and lyrically. 2020 was the year when we really put it all out on the table; allowing each other entrance into our own little worlds to create something bigger and more representative of all of us. That was a big lesson to learn. We’re stronger together. Making sure we all feel like we have equal stakes in what we’re making is crucial.”

“Fantasy” was recorded in the DIY spirit, all at home. The band tracked everything in their Chicago apartments, with keyboardist Brenden Cabrera serving as engineer. They were recently able to upgrade their recording setup thanks to their successful merch sales, and Branden explains how this had made it easy for them to easily record high quality music right at home. All of the band’s merch is designed by Emily, who also does a lot of work with Nordista Freeze and who designed the poster for the Extra Chill Leap Year Jamboree back in February.

Going into 2021, Late Nite Laundry plans to keep on releasing singles, and will continue to fund their DIY journey through merch sales. They actually have three new designs dropping tomorrow to coincide with the release of “Fantasy”.

Listen to “Fantasy” by Late Nite Laundry below.