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YBS Quez – “Rich Rich”

Charleston rapper YBS Quez just released his single “Rich Rich”. YBS Quez has been getting active in the city since his debut performance in January at Rebel Taqueria in downtown Charleston.

On top of that, he’s released two other singles “Losing My Mind” and “Floating”, that show his versatility as a street/hardcore rap artist that can pair his rugged style with fun, dance club-driven melodies. However, “Rich Rich” is taps into the darker side of his style as he slides over this uptempo street sweeper.

As an underground rap artist, you become keen to do many different sounds and styles. Although hardcore, trap-based hip hop isn’t my personal style, it is a foundational base of southern hip hop and the level of creativity and energy in it is like no other.

YBS Quez’s “Rich Rich” is no different. He taps into ‘the menace’ and sets the record straight that he’s after success and financial freedom by any means and nothing will stop his inclination to ‘get the bag’. The song itself puts you in the same mind set.

“I’m tryna get rich rich, I just want the bag/I can’t love no h***, I done fell in love with cash/I done went and bought some mags, just in case they make me mad/everybody call me lax but every beat I’m on I spazz”

Stream “Rich Rich” below and tap in with YBS Quez who will be returning to Rebel Taqueria for All Things Gxld Production’s monthly Hip Hop Night on March 31st.