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SUSTO Performs Unreleased Song “Hands in the Dirt” for Sugarshack Sessions (Video)

SUSTO shared a special live performance of an unrecorded tune, “Hands in the Dirt,” this weekend. The video was shot for Sugarshack Sessions during SUSTO’s time at Coast is Clear Music and Arts Festival in Key West last month.

“Hands in the Dirt” may pre-date the band’s formation, but the track is pure SUSTO spirit through and through, with narrative lyrics that hum with honesty and lively, folk-leaning guitar.

Osborne’s voice is at its clear, soaring best in this video as he sings about a tarot card reader who advised him to do some grounding: “You need to run on back to the country / Put your hands in the dirt.”

The track is full of the verve we’ve come to expect from a SUSTO song, touching on themes of personal grit, spirituality, and work. Osborne’s delivery is at once earnest and playful, the weight of struggle made lighter as he transmutes it into song.

Let’s convince SUSTO to record “Hands in the Dirt”! In the meantime, you can watch the video below.