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SUSTO – “Double Rainbow” (Video)

SUSTO released a music video for “Double Rainbow,” a track off their 2021 album Time in the Sun, this week.

The video features singer Justin Osborne in a white suit, strumming the guitar and singing, alternating with scenes of a Bob Ross-esque painter demonstrating his technique for the camera. The painter ingests some type of psychedelic drug and has an enormous spark of creativity, and the world around him shifts into technicolor. 

Osborne is also doused in colorful paint, creating a bright splash against his white suit and fitting seamlessly with lyrics like “Cause I’m a psychedelic priest on my best days / And I’m a real world beast on the rest days.” 

In a statement about the track, Osborne said that “Double Rainbow” is his favorite SUSTO song because “it’s equal parts prayer and manifesto, with an unapologetically pro-psychedelic narrative.” 

Watch the video for “Double Rainbow” below.