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Brave Baby – “S.O.T.A. (Bright Star)” / “Dirt Patch Court”

Brave Baby released a pair of new singles, “S.O.T.A. (Bright Star)” and “Dirt Patch Court,” on Friday. The songs are part of the band’s plan to release two fresh tracks every six weeks for the next 8-12 months. Both were recorded at The Space, drummer Wolfgang Zimmerman’s studio.

Guitar and drums keep an even pace on “S.O.T.A (Bright Star),” maintaining steady energy throughout the track. “The ties that bind us tear us apart / It’s so much harder than it was at the start,” Masters sings, the words rolling effortlessly off his tongue. Background singing adds texture to a big-band chorus, and a sprinkling of keys sparkles at the end of the song.

“Dirt Patch Court” features idiosyncratic drum patterns and guitar riffs that punctuate, rather than lead, the sound. Lyrically, the focus is nostalgia: images include picking berries and diving into a lake. The chorus is almost anthemic, stating “Now the future’s coming faster / Settle in for the ride.”

Both tracks are introspective and ripe with emotion, but balanced by the easy coolness Brave Baby does so well. You can imagine the songs fitting seamlessly into the band’s live set, Masters shrugging his shoulders up and down as he sings.

Stream “S.O.T.A. (Bright Star)” and “Dirt Patch Court” by Brave Baby below and keep your eyes peeled for more new tunes in the months ahead.