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Easy Honey – “Far Out”

Easy Honey released “Far Out,” the second single off their upcoming album Peach Fuzz, this week. It’s a jaunty, frenetic indie-rock track that has all of the elements of a classic honey tune.

“Far Out” shows the band leaning into the hazy, layered vocal territory that we witnessed in “Picture”, their first release this year, but with a more straightforward sound overall. The guitars are crisp and clear. “Far Out” focuses more heavily on percussion as well – Charlie Holt’s energetic drumming sets the pace.

Lyrically, “Far Out” is a scathing account of dealing with an unpleasantly loquacious person who doesn’t think before they speak. Vivid imagery includes wine-stained teeth and a big mouth blabbering. The song closes with a final question, “how is your jaw not sore?”

Keep your eyes peeled for Peach Fuzz dropping November 29th. 

Stream “Far Out” by Easy Honey below.