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Easy Honey – “Like Glue”

Easy Honey are no longer newcomers to the South Carolina music scene. Since their move from Sewanee to Charleston and the release of their debut album in 2018, Easy Honey have flowed comfortably into the ears of a more-than receptive audience. Turns out Charleston is a good home for Easy Honey’s brand of laid-back, jam-friendly garage rock. They played a ton of shows in 2019, both in town and on the road, and even nabbed a slot at the Pour House’s inaugural Into The Woods Festival back in October.

“Like Glue” is the first official release from Easy Honey since they dropped their debut album and moved to Charleston. It comes from their recent sessions with Matt Zutell at Coast Records, but it’s been in their live rotation since at least this past summer, maybe longer, so some of you might recognize it.

The vibe of “Like Glue” is in-tune with the material on Easy Honey, but the recording itself is much more in-tune with how Easy Honey sounds live. It’s got a certain confidence to it that you don’t hear as much on that first album. Anchored by a big hook and a healthy jam section, “Like Glue” is a nostalgic, carefree take on life and a solid step into the new year for Easy Honey.

Lyrically, the song discusses being stuck “Like Glue” (or Honey?) in life, and on a girl, and include the perhaps band-defining line: “kids who found the honey”. It’s overall the closest thing to an Easy Honey theme song that exists right now.

Listen to “Like Glue” below, and if you want some more of that Honey check out their B-Side Sessions here, where they play the unreleased “Emily”.