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Easy Honey – “Picture” (Video)

Last Friday, Easy Honey released a new single, “Picture,” accompanied by a music video shot by Taylor Hickman of bsides. The indie rock 4-piece displays a more hallucinatory sound in this song, indulging in elements of vibratory late-60s psychedelia. It opens with a playful, lazy guitar track, bright but a bit listless, like an afternoon in the peak heat of summer. Laid back drum-kicks pepper the soundscape, and the vocals are layered, echoing words of nostalgic reverie. 

The video for “Picture” is just as dreamlike, showing singer/guitarist Selby Austin sitting to have his portrait painted in an art studio and cutting to clips of the band playing outside of The Purple Buffalo. During the portrait session, the artist becomes mesmerized by a peach in Austin’s hand. She takes a bite, and takes a trip — and the viewers do too —  the scene shifts to feature singer/guitarist Darby McGlone banging away on paint-splattered piano, staring trance-like into the camera. 

This imagery is paired with the post-chorus of the song. The lyrics repeat more urgently, creating a head-spinning sense of ennui. It’s a moment that is particularly reminiscent of 90s underground indie-rock, a reference that Easy Honey does well. 

Finally, the video shows Austin hanging his finished portrait: it’s the image of a man’s upper body with a peach in place of his head. What’s the metaphor here? That remains to be seen. Perhaps more will be revealed with the release of Easy Honey’s full album Peach Fuzz, set to drop November 19th. This project is the band’s first time working with Charleston-based multi-hyphenate Wolfgang Zimmerman to produce and mix their songs.

Watch the video for “Picture” by Easy Honey below.