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Easy Honey – “Wishes”

Last week, Easy Honey released an early version of “Wishes,” a song that didn’t make it onto their latest album Peach Fuzz but that might be familiar to fans, as it’s a frequent feature of the band’s live show setlist. 

The track, which was mixed by Plateau Productions in cooperation with The Nuance magazine out of Nashville, Tennessee, displays some of Easy Honey’s most interesting lyrical wordplay, with lines like “we’ve got some wishes / the sandman sleeps while you’re dreaming of misses / you sit on the couch while she’s doing the dishes” and later “the coin and the fountain are for you / I’m wondering if we’re coming too.” Selby provides the main layer of vocals, but he and Darby practice a sort of call and response style throughout the track.

The guitar sound that hits about halfway through “Wishes” will feel delightful to any listeners with a soft spot for 90s/2000s alt rock, and while this recording captures that essence, it doesn’t pack quite the same punch that it does live.

Stream “Wishes” by Easy Honey below.