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SUSTO Stories: The Video Series

Over the past year or so (probably closer to 2 years), SUSTO released a series of nine videos centering mostly around the creative process behind the songs on & I’m Fine Today. Each video featured a stripped-down acoustic performance of one song, as well as a mini explainer that tells the story of how that particular song was born. This was the first way we got to hear many of the songs from the new album, and I always looked forward to hearing the next one.

The record came out over a year ago now, and with the release of SUSTO Stories as a digital album on all streaming platforms, they seem to have put a cap on the video series. It’s a bummer knowing that we won’t get any more SUSTO Stories videos, but it’s also nice to see how far the band has come since the first video was released way back in August of 2016.

Every single one of these videos has been featured on Extra Chill at one time or another, so if you’ve been around this site at all you’ve probably seen a handful of them.

In case you haven’t seen the videos, though, I’ve listed each episode below, with a link to the Extra Chill article that accompanies it. Each one will open in a new tab, so click away and check out the ones you’ve missed.

Episode 1 – Chillin On The Beach With My Best Friend Jesus Christ
Episode 2 – Wasted Mind
Episode 3 – I’ll Fly Away (ft. BJ Barham)
Episode 4 – Jah Werx
Episode 5 – Drug Money
Episode 6 – Hard Drugs
Episode 7 – Cosmic Cowboy
Episode 8 – Diamond’s Icaro
Episode 9 – Waves