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SUSTO Stories Episode 1: Chillin’ On The Beach With My Best Friend Jesus Christ

SUSTO Stories: Chillin’ On The Beach With My Best Friend Jesus Christ

Here we have Episode 1 of a new video series called the SUSTO Stories. Directed and produced by Dries Vandenberg and audio engineered by Matt Zutell, both of WAV and Human Resources, this video gives a bit of a background behind the band’s most recent single, “Chillin On The Beach With My Best Friend Jesus Christ”, along with a piano performance of the song at the Charleston Music Hall. SUSTO has a lot of religious themes in their music, and according to this video, a lot of that has to do with Justin’s religious upbringing that manifests itself in his songwriting. He believes that religion has a different meaning to everybody, which is something that I, and I’m sure a lot of other people can agree with.

Aside from the intro giving some background on the band’s connection with religion, the performance featured in the video is really nice. It’s a bit different from the studio version of the song, a bit more personal and certainly less comical than the music video. SUSTO will release one of these “SUSTO Stories” videos every other Wednesday, so be on the lookout for the next installment on August 17th!

“I just think that heaven, for me, is sittin’ on the beach drinking beer with my friends.”

Justin Osborne, 2016

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