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SUSTO Stories Episode 7: Cosmic Cowboy

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a SUSTO Stories video, but during their “summer vacation” from the & I’m Fine Today Tour they linked up with WAV in Charleston and recorded another installment. Linking up with WAV really means swapping Dries’ guitar for a camera and getting Matt Zuttell in the mix to get the sound right. Once that was taken care of Justin and Marshall got down to playing an acoustic version of “Cosmic Cowboy”.

In this video Justin also talks about the inspiration behind “Cosmic Cowboy”, and one of the reasons he loves music. He says that he loves how music allows you to say whatever’s on your mind without worrying about what other people are going to think about it, and that he was trying to capture that essence with “Cosmic Cowboy”. Considering the fact that I always feel like a badass when I crank “Cosmic Cowboy”, I’d say that was achieved.

Check out a stripped-down version of “Cosmic Cowby” by SUSTO below.

SUSTO Stories Ep. 7: Cosmic Cowboy