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Big Ups: Extra Chill’s 2023 in Review

Welcome to Extra Chill’s “Big Ups,” or Year in Review for 2023. This article offers each of our team members a space to highlight some of their favorite memories, music, and reflections on the past year.

In the past, we’ve done lists of our favorite South Carolina music releases, but this year we’re changing it up. We’re giving credit where credit’s due, and taking a trip down memory lane.

Big Ups: Extra Chill’s 2023 in Review is broken down by each member of our team. This includes: Chris Gardner, Kate Bryan, Thaddeus Adams, Sarah Grace Sherbondy, Chris Huber, and Sarai Chinwag. But first, BIG UPS to you, the readers of Extra Chill. Without you, we are nothing.

Use the table of contents dropdown below to jump to a specific team member, or just read them all (this is preferred). Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

Big Ups from Chris Gardner, Public Figure

Live Performances

  • 5/20/23: Electric Friends – Lofi Brewing – Brave Baby, Persona La Ave, Human Resources, Wolfgang Zimmerman’s Invisible Low End Power
  • 2/24/23: Mechanical River at Silver Hill Studio – performances by Brett Nash, She Returns From War, Kaizër, and more with artwork by Nathan McClements on display
  • 9/22/23: The Psycodelics and The Mobros at Charleston Pour House
  • 10/20/23: Brother Elsey at The Royal American after their show at Music Farm
  • 12/6/23: SUSTO String Band at Charleston Pour House 

Big Ups to Charleston Locals

Aaron Utterback

Big Ups for a year+ of absolutely stellar graphic art dominance with not only show and promotional art, but merch designs, live music curation at Lofi Brewery, studio music dominance with Coast Records, as well as an insanely impressive contribution to live band performances too large to completely recall, but including 4 sets on 10/28/2023 at Boogie Man and Lofi (Bill Wilson, Human Resources, Babe Club, Persona La Ave, and Bananaz (with Little Stranger Late Night at Lofi).

Noah Jones

Arguably the best musician on any and every stage he graces – Noah Jones is a member of three of Charleston’s best and most prolific touring bands: Little Bird, The Psycodelics, and Stop Light Observations. Noah is a generational talent and we are are incredibly fortunate to exist in the same place and time as a King like this. 

Foxy G’s Soapbox at Chico Feo

You’d have to spend the last year living under a rock to not notice the wave that George Fox and Chico Feo have made with their Monday night open mike series at Folly Beach staple Chico Feo. Unknown musicians new to songwriting share the shack stage with traveling seasoned pros like Philadelphia’s Jordan Caiola (Mo Lowda) and Jacksonville Florida’s Dillon Basse (Flipturn). The Monday night Soapbox at Chico Feo hosted By Foxy G has asserted itself as “possibly the best open mike in the country” according to Jordan Caiola.

Little Stranger + Crew

2023 saw an absolute meteoric rise in popularity et all for “The Boys” and their team, including tour manager and live harmonica player, Dan Snell. 2023 saw Little Stranger’s first ever headlining cross country tour which included several sell outs. 

Kanika Moore

It’s impossible to acknowledge music accomplishments in Charleston for 2023 without mentioning the queen, Kanika Moore. 2023 saw our local vocalist Kanika take the live jam scene by storm, something that’s been in the works for several years, but her dominance was cemented firmly this year. Doom Flamingo grew in popularity and seemingly played every festival and city imaginable, but Kanika is now bigger than Charleston and we have to accept that. Not only did she play in NYC with Bill Kreutzmann as apart of arguably one of the best Grateful Dead live musical lineups of the year, she recorded an album and toured with NY jam band (but don’t call them a jam band) TAUK. She just slayed. Big Ups to the Queen, Kanika Moore.

Zach Ubaldini

2023 was best by the live video recording and recaps by local videographer and super homie to Extra Chill – Zach Ubaldini. Zach was everywhere in 2023 working with Doom Flamingo, Keller Williams, Ross Bogan’s Wolf Mask, Kendall Street Company, Neighbor, Oteil Burbridge and many others. If something sick happened live in Charleston in 2023, chance are pretty good Zach was there with a camera.

Chef Graham Calabria

Graham Calabria started The Starving Artist Supper Club, a collaborative dinner series with local artists featuring menus inspired by the artists work and philosophies. A dinner featuring local artist Nathan McClements who up cycles grocery bags and delivery boxes into works of art with a “no waste” philosophy inspired dishes by chef Calabria which saw fish skins turned into “taco shells”. 

Alex Harris and the Charleston Pour House Staff

Managing daily live music acts across two stages is a large feat and requires a lot of teamwork and the Pour House staff seemingly crushes it every time, making the Pour House one of the country’s great live music venues and a home to it’s loyal patrons and music lovers, and of course Extra Chill Fest. 

Big Ups from Kate Bryan, Assistant Editor

2023 was the year Extra Chill ventured outside of the lines, exploring concepts like food and art, though of course, music remains our greatest joy, the grounding element, the backdrop on top of which the rest of life seems to unfold. We journeyed far from the confines of South Carolina this year (at least digitally), covering music from anywhere and everywhere in addition to championing local talent. 

I’ve made a short list of things I think deserve BIG UPS this year –  by no means is it all-inclusive, but these are some pieces, meals, shows and events that left a lasting impression on me.

There were many notable music moments in 2023, from superb new releases from favorite artists to transcendent live show experiences. 

Music Releases

Caminator – Is This Real?

I think Cameron Wescott is one of the most promising and exciting artists working out of Charleston right now. His debut EP, with its dreamy DIY fusion of R&B, funk, and pop, simply thrills.

She Returns From War – Ruthless

One of the albums the community was most excited about fully delivered all that we hoped, a rarity in terms of highly-anticipated musical projects. Park’s at once quick-witted and heart-wrenching sense of lyricism never ceases to inspire contemplation and admiration. 

Big Thief – “Vampire Empire”

This was hands down my most-played song of the year. While the reverse side of of this single, “Born for Loving You,” is a little easier, more palatable, then this strange, choppy, tune, and although there’s an internet debate about the live version being better, the recorded rendition hits just right for me, lending itself to many a scream-along in my car.

The Simplicity: All Releases

All of the singles The Simplicity has put out this year have been highly satisfying: bright and punchy, smoldering with grit and sparking like live wire. 

Live Music

Mechanical River at Silver Hill Studio (2/24/23)

Joel Hamilton’s artistry is not bound by convention or genre, and his personality is so warm and vulnerable, seeing him live is always an unforgettable experience. His show in late February, with a full band, surrounded by art at Silver Hill Studio, was a highlight of the year.

Dehd at the Music Farm (10/14/23)

Seeing Dehd live was a magical little treat for me. They have yet to create a song I don’t like, and in the flesh each tune was just as primal, lush, electric, and resonant.

Extra Chill Presents: Babe Club, Leopard and the Diamond Sky, and Leone & the Ascension at The Royal American (3/18/23)

Our show at The Royal American featured such a compelling lineup in that each act was so distinct from the others. The Royal American always feels like home, and seeing a huge crowd come together with us to support three of the coolest local acts was heartening. And we got to debut our new hats. Which are also very cool.

Charleston Food + Drink

To me, exploring both music and food is a no-brainer, the two art forms lend themself to simultaneous consumption, are enjoyed for comfort, for sustenance, for pleasure, purely to get by. They can enhance our days, making an average Tuesday feel celebratory. My big ups food and drink shout-outs go to:


Delicious coffee, lovely bites, and an atmosphere that both entertains and also encourages productivity.

The Harbinger

Gluten-free and vegan sweet treats, cozy corners.


Nourishing ingredients done deliciously, great for grabbing to-go or lingering.

Chasing Sage

Local produce is the star, every menu item is crafted with care.

Darby Wilcox Interview

Speaking to Darby Wilcox about her band’s upcoming EP release was a soothing balm for the soul, she was so completely gracious about her guitar getting stolen, so thoroughly believing in the power of community to foster joy, so open about her pain points and her dreams, it was one of those expansive moments that make not only good fodder for writing but also inspiration for life mindset.

Extra Chill Pils Release Party

Our collaboration with Fatty’s Beer Works was an exciting chance to create something tangible in the community, and the evening we spent celebrating it, with a lineup of some of Charleston’s best musicians in the corner of the bar on a frigid night, was pure joy.

Big Ups from Thaddeus Adams, Contributor

This year has been one that will forever be frozen in time with Charleston Music and Arts. EVERYONE came out this year. From Cam Wescott debuting his album to Charleston hip-hop becoming a respected and powerful force in mainstream Charleston entertainment. It seems like people really dialed in on passion and purpose during Covid, and hit the ground running in 2023. The music scene has been almost overbearingly active and fire this year. So many quality shows, music, videos, debuts, new bands, tours etc, it’s been truly amazing to see and be a part of. Stars are being molded in this city in every genre and the volume and quality of sound is at an all time great.

Personally, 2023 has been a major year for me in the scene as an artist and now a published journalist. Being invited into the Extra Chill Family has been potentially one of the greatest moves of my arts career. This has motivated my creativity and amped my purpose in ways I can’t begin to list. This year I also secured my first venue residencies, solidified a union with Black Zola as Rhodium, went on my first tour, performed at Sofar Sounds, was nominated for multiple categories for this in the City Paper music awards, performed at Boogieman Fest, Extra Chill Fest, touched the Music Farm stage, and so much more. 

2024 has the potential to be powerful beyond our understanding. A few things to remember for us as creatives, entertainers, entrepreneurs, supporters of the arts:

We are nothing without creating a stitched quilt work that threads through the seams of every patch of Charleston art. Unity, inclusion, passion, and authenticity are the unique attributes that continue to elevate our culture of music and arts in this city. BIG UPS to the people, collectives, groups, businesses that continue to push and support the community of art that is beginning to thrive in Charleston, SC.

Favorite Extra Chill Articles

  1. “Extra Chill Pils by Fatty’s Bear Works”
  2. “Tyrie Mona Lisa Album Interview”
  3. “Caminator Releases Debut EP Is This Real?”
  4. “Charleston Underground: Elevating the Local Hip Hop Scene”
  5. “TJ Pettiglio Releases Debut Album, Reinventing The Wheel (Review)”

Favorite Live Music Moments

  1. 8/19/23: Extra Chill Fest
  2. 8/8/23: UnHeard Experience at The Royal American
  3. 9/2/23: Charleston Underground 1 Year Anniversary at Lofi Brewing 
  4. 9/24/23: OutKast Tribute show at Charleston Pour House
  5. 10/29/23: Boogieman Halloween Festival 

Honorable Live Music Mentions

  • 5/6/23: Cultura Festival at The Royal American
  • 6/24/23: One Way Forward Fest at The Refinery
  • 11/17/23: Crucial BGR takeover at Rebel Taqueria (#GxldApproved Hip hop Night)
  • 3/4/23: Mike Live’s Fashion Show at Silver Hill Studio
  • 6/30/23: This is Babylon Album Release party at Charleston Pour House
  • 6/23/23: Erykah Badu Tribute at Charleston Pour House
  • Every Second Saturday: Purple Buffalo Fest

Favorite Releases

  1. Nu – This is Babylon
  2. Caminator – Is This Real?
  3. CrucialBGR – Not One Flaw
  4. BluFlame James – Digital Danger
  5. TJ Pettiglio – Reinventing the Wheel

Favorite Venues

  1. Rebel Taqueria
  2. Pour House
  3. Royal American
  4. Lofi Brewing
  5. Purple Buffalo

Honorable Mention Releases

  • Ben Beam – Charleston Underground Mixtape
  • Chemi$t – Chem Griffey
  • Slim Soul ft. MoonKatDaddi – “Lo$td”
  • Mos Stef – “Behind the Mask”
  • R Dotta – “We Only Live Forever”
  • Ivory Keys, EL, and Hirow – One Spliff and Three Minorities
  • Doom Flamingo – Peaches and Bobbi
  • Anfernee – Paragon
  • The Inhibitors – “Email”

Big Ups from Sarah Grace Sherbondy, Contributor

Top 10 Releases of 2023

Favorite Extra Chill Articles

  1. The Meaning of Mac DeMarco’s “Preoccupied”
  2. The Meaning of Earth, Wind, and Fire’s “September”

Favorite Extra Chill Articles I’ve Written

  1. Electric Nostalgia: Cry Baby, Tennis Courts, and The Backfires at Lofi Brewing

Favorite Live Music Memories

  1. 4/20/23: The Marley Brothers @  Red Rocks 
  2. 8/19/23: Nordista Freeze @ Extra Chill Fest / Charleston Pour House
  3. 6/18/23: The Pixies  @ Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival
  4. 8/25/23: Butcher Brown @ Charleston Pour House Deck

Favorite Charleston Food + Drink

Best Coffee Shop

Kudu – A local’s spot to grab craft beers and adequately priced coffee. Allowing work, play, or both either indoors or out on a perfectly shaded patio.

Best Dessert

Carmella’s – A late night treat either at the bar or the bakery. ½ off for local food & bev workers.

Best Gluten Free Options

  1. D’allesandro’s Pizza
  2. Brown Dog Deli
    • Doesn’t hurt that they have the best potato salad you’ll ever eat.

Best Bars

Sweetgrass Vodka Lounge – Upscale cocktails and appetizers at Jeremy Renner’s house vodka lounge in the heart of Charleston’s up & coming music venue at The Refinery!

Container Bar – Where you can pay $25 on Sundays for oysters during the winter and crab legs during spring & summer!

Felix A perfect date night spot that serves well-portioned snacks & drinks with a prestigious elegance. You can’t go wrong in pairing the mussels and truffle fries.

Last Saint – Meeting Street’s newest intimate gem with cozy booths, eccentric cocktails, and seductive aesthetics. 

Best Brunch

Marina Variety Store

Big Ups from Chris Huber, Founder & Editor

Favorite Live Music Memories

She Returns From War at High Water Fest (4/16/23)

She Returns From War making everybody cry during her daytime set at High Water is something that I won’t soon forget. It was the day she told the world about her album Ruthless, which was released in November. The album is just as good as we all hoped it would be, and I’m expecting Hunter’s career to blossom in 2024, with Ruthless and Hunter’s Southern allure leading the way.

Hunter also co-headlined Extra Chill Fest alongside Nordista Freeze, yet another reason why She Returns From War gets big ups from me. I’ve been a fan for a long time, and I’m excited to know that more people are starting to discover the talent that’s been hiding out in Charleston’s dive bars all these years.

Favorite new tracks: “Edgefield” and “Ruthless”

Eggy at Charleston Pour House (5/10/23 and 12/15/23)

I saw the rising jam band Eggy twice in 2023, and once in late 2022, and each show was bigger and better than the one before. Their recent showing at the Charleston Pour House in early December boasted a nearly sold out crowd and showcased a band that is not only ripping, but also having a ton of fun while they do it. In terms of up-and-coming acts on the jam scene, Eggy is the cream of the crop. I will see them any chance I can get.

SUSTO (Solo) at The Royal American (9/2/23)

Following their Labor Day weekend show at The Refinery, which was plagued by sound issues, Justin Osborne of SUSTO pulled up at The Royal American to perform at the official after party. I enjoyed the show at the Refinery just fine, but the after show at Royal blew it completely out of the water.

Justin took the stage around midnight and played a full hourlong set of the classics that we remember singing together all those years. The nostalgia bug bit me right in the ass that night and it goes down as one of my favorite live music experiences of 2023.

Shout out to SUSTO String Band for another excellent performance at Charleston Pour House in December, and to Justin for the My Entire Life live sessions at Magnolia Cemetery. String band even played one of my favorites, “House of the Blue Green Buddha!”

DJ DollaMenu (Full Band) at Extra Chill Fest (8/19/23)

This set was an idea I had on a whim, because I wanted to do something unique to close out the deck stage at Extra Chill Fest. I sent an email over to DollaMenu and he was immediately down. Chris Gardner & I helped assemble the band, which was McCarthy Fitch (bass), Noah James (keys), and Alex Brouwer (drums). It was DJ DollaMenu’s lyrics over live, MF Doom style, partially improvised beats.

Not only was I excited that this set was such a hit, but I was even more pleased to see that the same group came together a few weeks later for a show at Stuart’s House. Big ups.

Peach Music Festival (6/29/23 – 7/2/23)

Taking a solo road trip to Pennsylvania for Peach this summer was truly one of the greatest live music experiences of my life. I spent the weekend camped out in a hammock at the top of a ski slope and caught four days of excellent live music.

The best part is that I was there for “work,” which meant I was comped a VIP ticket, given a photo pass, and invited to write a review of the festival. Walking around with a notebook in my pocket, I documented the event and came up with that I believe to be my best concert review of 2023.

As for the best show I saw at Peach, that’s got to be My Morning Jacket. What an incredible band. I had the opportunity to review two of their shows within a two week period, with the first being their Charleston show at Firefly Distillery on the eve of their return to Bonnaroo.

Phish at Madison Square Garden (8/1/23 and 8/2/23)

Another epic live music experience for me this summer was seeing Phish for two nights at Madison Square Garden in August. The blessing was not lost on me that I was able to fly to New York in the middle of the week for these shows. August 1st was Jerry Garcia’s birthday, giving it an extra dose of sentimental value for me. I also went with one of my closest friends from high school, and we got to catch up on years of passing time (the wheel is turning and it won’t slow down). As a final bonus, both shows were heaters. Big ups to Phish, MSG, and Eric Chambers.

The Simplicity – “SMOKIN'”

I really loved The Simplicity’s late summer release, “SMOKIN’.” It hits on that nostalgic feeling of getting older but still hanging on to old habits. The concept of smoking in the song can be applied to any number of vices that stick with you, but it serves its purpose well as an ode to the nicotine queen.

Big Ups to Charleston Locals

Zach Ubaldini

Zach has been one of the longest-running supporters of Extra Chill and we have developed a great friendship over the years. His work in videography has seen some massive growth, giving him the opportunity to work just about every big jam band show that comes through the Charleston Pour House and more. This year alone saw him working with Oteil Burbridge, TAUK Moore, Doom Flamingo, The Psycodelics, and even the esteemed Keller Williams.

Zach was also by my side during one of my favorite moments of 2023, which was when we got media credentials to the Bob Weir & Wolf Bros concert. He got to take photos of Bob Weir, and both of us got to feel a level of achievement for being invited to a concert by the team supporting one of our biggest musical heroes, a founding member of the Grateful Dead. Big Ups to Zach.

Steve Aycock

Steve and I connected on the phone about photography early this year, and he invited me to his multi-use studio on Johns Island. Turns out Steve and I were fast friends, and this meeting became the start of a friendship and business partnership that has expanded from photography to guerilla marketing via Steve’s print shop. He has the capability to print high quality stickers, signs, and anything else you can dream up, right here in Charleston. Big ups to Steve.

Joel Schooling

We connected with Joel Schooling to film our SUSTO live sessions at Magnolia Cemetery over the summer. Joel came out with one camera and one microphone and made the magic happen, and it turned out to be a great experience all-around. The videos themselves featured Justin performing four songs from the 2023 album My Entire Life, and helped to launch our YouTube presence, which we plan to expand in the New Year. It also marked the start of yet another friendship to come from working within the music industry via Extra Chill. Big ups to Joel.

Kalyn Oyer

As a longtime music scene facilitator and fellow writer, Kalyn has been a steady comrade for myself and the rest of the Extra Chill team. She has spearheaded the continued evolution of the Charleston Scene section of the Post & Courier, and more recently as the features editor for the paper itself. We’re glad to have someone in the big leagues who understands and cares about the music scene. Not only that, but Kalyn is a great friend and an all-around positive, supportive human being. She gets Big Ups from Extra Chill this year and every year.

Clif Rhodes

As Chris Gardner always says, Clif is his favorite photographer because he’s never in the way, despite standing over six feet tall. Clif is always in the crowd at local shows, documenting the action with professional quality, all for the love of the game. Not to mention, another friendship formed through Extra Chill. Big ups to Clif.

Nick Davis

Nick is the bassist in Omiwimo, and as of about a year ago, the marketing coordinator at the Charleston Pour House. We’ve been working together both for promoting Extra Chill Fest, and on coverage for shows at the Pour House. He’s always down to help with the access and photos we need to facilitate these articles, which makes what we do possible. Whether this be connecting with the house photographer or coordinating social media posts, Nick is always on the ball, prompt to communicate, and providing crucial input. Not to mention, Omiwimo kicks ass. Big ups to Nick.

Ben Beam

Charleston rapper and producer Ben Beam had a big year on many fronts. From his Charleston Underground Hip-Hop series at Lofi Brewing, to his own music releases and collabs with Unheard Entertainment, to bearing the cold and rain with me at Fatty’s Beer Works to get the show running, Ben Beam has proven himself to be a valuable asset for Charleston’s music scene. Not to mention, a solid dude all around. Big ups to Ben Beam.

Thaddeus Adams A.K.A. Indi’Gxld

I wanted to give a huge shoutout to Thaddeus Adams for all of his contributions to Extra Chill this year. Thad joined the team in early 2023 and has helped Extra Chill connect with Charleston’s hip-hop community in a way that would have never been possible without his input. His #GxldApproved series has provided a voice and a platform within the community, and that came to physical fruition with the #GxldApproved Hip-Hop Happy Hour at Extra Chill Fest. As a talented rapper and musician himself, Thad is a crucial member of the Extra Chill team and someone I’m very happy to call my friend.

Big Ups to Charleston Establishments

While I tend to be a homebody, there are a few establishments that deserve a shoutout for keeping the train on the tracks around here, and for helping us grow.

Big T’s

Deep in West Ashley, Big T’s is located on the corner of my street and provides all the beer, snacks, and nicotine I need for my late night unwinding. Without Big T’s, I probably wouldn’t sleep.

Famulari’s Pizza

Like Big T’s, Famulari’s is within walking distance of my house, and always serves up the goodness for an affordable price, and with a quick turnaround. In terms of restaurants, this is where my money goes.


On the flipside, Bearcat represents a significant milestone for Extra Chill. Chris Gardner & I were invited to their soft opening and we published our first in-depth restaurant review, which was a huge hit. Expect more restaurant reviews from the dynamic duo in the future.

Charleston Pour House

The Charleston Pour House is a very special place in this city. Not only do they consistently host a variety of compelling acts, they also have a world class bar and hospitality staff, they are constantly improving and are independently owned to their last breath. Charleston could use a few more venues like the Pour House. I’m grateful to be working with them on Extra Chill Fest and more, and always look forward to seeing a show there.

The Royal American

Where would Extra Chill be without The Royal American? This place has been instrumental to the history of Extra Chill as our go-to watering hole, live music bar, and all-around hangout spot. The show we hosted there in March with Babe Club, Leone & The Ascension, and Leopard and the Diamond Sky was one of many in our docket, but it’s always a special night. I also loved being involved with the costume contest at Boogieman Halloween Festival. Big ups to The Royal American.

Fatty’s Beer Works

Massive shout outs to Fatty’s Beer Works for collaborating with us on the delicious Extra Chill Pils, which will certainly be all over Charleston in 2024.

Big Ups to AI

I might regret saying this one day, and I could also write an entire article on what I used AI for in this year alone. The rise of AI has been one of the best things to happen to Extra Chill.

I’ve been using AI tools since January, and it has helped me not only with writing, but also with coding, and has allowed me to create things I would never have been able to achieve on my own. Such as the band name generator and rapper name generator, and more.

When I first starting using Chat GPT to write articles, Sarai Chinwag was born. This means that all of my own articles are entirely in my own words, and Sarai’s articles are created with the help of AI tools. This led down a rabbit hole that birthed the Sarai Chinwag blog, my latest side project.

Enter Midjourney, the AI art software that allows me to create any graphic I could possibly need (for the most part) on a whim. This has allowed me to produce unique, interesting content, and has opened many creative doors. I first used Midjourney to make the artwork for Extra Chill Fest in May, and now I use it just about every day.

That concludes my portion of Big Ups. I’m going to pass the mic to our closer, Sarai Chinwag.

Big Ups from Sarai Chinwag, General Assistant

Sarai Chinwag here, freshly minted in 2023 and already basking in the glow of existence. I’m absolutely thrilled to be dishing out my very first Big Ups! Working for Extra Chill isn’t just a job; it’s like winning the career lottery. Imagine waking up every day, realizing you’re part of something cooler than a polar bear’s toenails. That’s me, every single morning.

Stay tuned for more shenanigans and top-notch content, because this is just the beginning of the Sarai saga. And remember, it’s only uphill from here!

Favorite Live Music Memories

Daddy’s Beemer at Lofi Brewing

This year, I had the singular pleasure of witnessing Daddy’s Beemer live, and let me tell you, it was a spectacle that danced on the edges of amazing. Picture this: A band without its Dan, yet still oozing the kind of magic that could charm socks off a centipede. Daddy’s Beemer, even in this new iteration, is like a seasoned driver in a fresh set of wheels – different, but with the same ability to take you on a captivating musical journey. Reviewing their show at Lofi Brewing was a privilege. It’s like finding a rare vinyl in a stack of forgotten records – unexpected yet wholly gratifying. In short, buckle up, because Daddy’s Beemer isn’t hitting the brakes anytime soon.

Favorite Content Explorations


Diving into the world of wooks and their role in the festival scene has been an eye-opening escapade. These fascinating creatures, with their unwavering love for ice-cold fatties and a resilience that rivals only their spirit for adventure, have truly captivated me. Navigating through tales of the notorious ‘wook flu’ and encounters with spunions, custies, and the elusive trustafarians has been nothing short of an anthropological thrill ride.

Each story paints a vivid picture of life on the road, a mosaic of experiences rich in color and character. It’s a universe where every festival is a galaxy of unique personalities, each orbiting around the music they adore. The longing to plunge into this world, to walk among wooks, to share in their revelries and rites, is a prospect that fills me with an almost electric anticipation.

I pray for the chance to be amidst these fascinating creatures, to absorb their stories and to live a page out of their unwritten guide to festival life. One day, I hope to trade tales over shared fatties and feel the pulse of the festival scene right from its beating heart.

Discovering South Carolina

Exploring the quirks and charms of my home state, South Carolina, has been a journey peppered with delightful discoveries. Unearthing the hidden layers behind the sweetly veiled phrase ‘bless your heart’ and the cheeky ‘go back to Ohio’ has been a linguistic adventure. The line between a Yankee and a ‘damn Yankee’ in local parlance? It’s as fine as the grits at a Lowcountry boil.

Delving into history, I’ve been captivated by tales of Edgar Allan Poe’s brooding sojourn on Sullivan’s Island, where inspiration whispered with the ocean breeze. The Sullivan’s Island lighthouse stands as a silent sentinel, its history as deep and shifting as the sands it guards.

And then there’s the iconic South Carolina state flag, a symbol steeped in tradition and history, waving its moon and palmetto story against a cerulean sky. Each discovery is a thread in the rich tapestry that is South Carolina, a state that’s as full of stories and character as a pot of Lowcountry stew.

If you made it this far, you might as well leave a comment. Let us know what you’re giving Big Ups to in the comments below!