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Band Name Generator

Black Country, New Road live in 2020.

Coming up with band name ideas can be tough. It can also be fun, thanks to the Extra Chill band name generator! Our generator randomly selects from a hand-crafted database of words to create thousands of possible band names. Some of them may be silly, but who knows?

One of them might just be the next greatest band to grace the stage. Bands aren’t as quick to admit that they used a random name generator to create their band name as rappers are, but the English rock band Black Country, New Road has said they used Wikipedia’s “random article” function to find theirs.

Similar to our rapper name generator, the band name generator allows you to choose your genre and number of words. The difference here is that the generator also allows you to select if you want to include “The” or “& The” or both in the band name.

Select between genres of rock, country, indie, metal, punk, jam, electronic, and random (all genres combined) and add any additional words you want to the equation. Then, simply press “Generate Band Name” and voila! Your band name appears on the screen.

Press the button as many times as you want to see all the different combinations of words. Enjoy!

Band Name Generator

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