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#GxldApproved: Tragman and The Geechie Commission

Outside of keeping you in tune with the newest music buzzing throughout the entirety of Charleston, we also take pride in introducing you to new artists, music, and visuals you may be unfamiliar with. Charleston’s music scene has been thriving, so it’s important to capture and present as much #GxldApproved content as possible and today we give you Tragman.

Tragman and The Geechie Commission was formed to honor and represent the essence of native Charleston in the genre of hip hop by bringing together several groups as a unified front. At the heart of The Geechie Commission is Tragman, a decorated rap artist, who has graced the airwaves of Charleston for over a decade.

His musical journey is a testament to his talent and dedication, as evidenced by his collaborations with legendary figures such as La Chat of Three Six Mafia and Nuttso from 2Pac’s late formed group, The Outlawz.

This year alone, Tragman has added two singles, “No Trust” and “Get Da Gas,” to his already extensive repertoire of releases. With a discography that spans five full albums and a laundry list of single releases, Tragman has various pockets of content for you to listen to.

Tragman’s style pays homage to the deep roots of Charleston, embracing the energy and knowledge that permeate the streets of this historic city. He unapologetically shares his experiences, both the highs and lows, painting a vivid picture of life in Charleston.

Whether he’s delivering high-energy anthems like “U Can Tell” and “Watching Me” or offering introspection and motivation through songs like “Hustla Prayer” and “Journey,” Tragman’s music captures the spirit of the streets and resonates with people born and bred in the city.

Check out his most recent single, “Get Da Gas” featuring La Chat and Rachett Princess below.

If you want to learn more about Tragman, his journey and what’s to come, check out his interview with Marco Seabrook of Rise To Elevate podcast. This conversation provides a gander into the artist’s mindset, inspirations, history, and future endeavors.