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Kook Gramz feat. Geaux Diego – “Heartbreak Emoji” (Video)

Charleston bred-Southern trap lyricists, Kook Gramz and Geaux Diego, fuse together and released “Heartbreak Emoji” prod by Yung Tago on February 13th. I’ve been keen to these two artists individually for a few years now and it’s amazing to see the growth and constant elevation in their style and fanbase with each release.

Any person that is purpose driven understands that it is sometimes hard to find and maintain love. It’s a taboo that it’s a lonely road when you are chasing your dream because nothing seems as important, even love and relationship. That can be a difficult, yet an understanding concept to grasp as a dream chaser. But often times, we chose the destiny of our dreams and live with the love scars. That’s the premise in this trap ballad by Geaux Diego and Kook Gramz.

Kook Gramz has been releasing waves of heavy Charleston influenced street anthems over the past years. But for Valentine’s Day, he slows it down and give you the type of game you only get from marching through heartbreak and deceit. I felt it when he said: “…made my heart cold like an Eskimo/it’s some things that I don’t know and I’ll never know/it’s some people that I miss, I’ll never talk to/don’t pay a attention to what’s happenin’, it’s gon’ cross you.” *Inserts heartbreak emoji here* CHURCH!

Geaux Diego, who wields an extensive catalog of high caliber lyrical southern trap, drops some ‘love scars’, as he glides in with the hook: “You don’t love me, you don’t love me, you don’t love me no more/ felt it deep down in my soul when you walked through the door/going hard in the kitchen, with my wrist on the stove/I been grindin’ for a minute, I been stackin’ my dough”. In the video, Geaux Diego is seen plucking a rose while singing the hook. The ultimate dilemma…do you love me, or love me not. Regardless, we must ‘go get it’!

Check out the video for “Heartbreak Emoji” by Kook Gramz feat Geaux Diego and tap into these long standing #GxldApproved creatives!