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DJ DollaMenu – “3 Nights at the Ritz” (Video)

DJ DollaMenu recently served up the music video for his July single release, “3 Nights at the Ritz”, directed by Spliff Dillon. DJ DollaMenu has been pleasantly active in the 2023 release radar, from the release of OTW to dropping fire releases with two of New York’s ICONS, Benny The Butcher and Conway The Machine.

“3 Nights at the Ritz” is more than just a light flex, but a bold statement, a testament to DJ DollaMenu’s unapologetic transparency about his current status and intentions within the music industry.

He’s living his best life, reveling in the fruits of his labor, and refusing to fold to the hands of the industry pressure. This is his “fun season,” where he calls the shots, dances to his own rhythm, and embraces his independence. 

“…my life sweet like plantains/ feel like Zach and Cody in the Tipton/ I’m really in my bag like Lipton/ I’m ‘iced’ to the ‘T’/ it’s VIP, Me, Plus 3/ don’t reach for the bottle if you ain’t tippin’/ all bets on me like I’m playing in the league/ prospects making eyes but I ain’t even intrigued..”

In this ‘Spliff Dillon joint’, DJ DollaMenu takes center stage in an empty restaurant, serves up his unique style, effortlessly blending his passion for music and his love for good food. From cleaning his palette with a crispy bill to kicking flavor in the kitchen in full restaurant worker garb. Spliff Dillon and DollaMenu kept the visual concept sleek, minimalist, and stays true to the core message.

Tap in to DJ DollaMenu’s #GxldApproved visual for “3 Nights at The Ritz” and show love if you see him in the 1’s and 2’s in the Charleston nightclub scene!