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Quelle the Prophet – “Intro Dos” ft. Master Splnta

Recently named an SCAC Emerging Artist, Quelle the Prophet has been quietly making a name for himself by performing all across South Carolina and Georgia as a “verbal martial artist”. In his most recent release, “Intro Dos”, he teams up with Master Splnta f.k.a Fat Rat Da Czar and flexes his precise and smooth ‘southern shaolin style’.

“Intro Dos”, released February 7th, is a single from Quelle the Prophet’s upcoming album, Through My Eyes Vol. 3: BlaQ Tiger Fist, which is set for release in March.

Fat Rat Da Czar has been a critically acclaimed, well-established artist and producer in the city of Columbia, SC for 10+ years. After being captivated by the sharp delivery and realism of Quelle the Prophet, he returns from a hiatus and debuts a freshly cultivated style under his new moniker, Master Splinta.

Equipped with a sleek retro-soul production, “Intro Dos” can best be described as a braggadocios and upbeat lyrical sparring match between the two senseis.

Quelle the Prophet sets the track off with: “No time for the naysay, when it’s time for a payday… aye/I’m not concerned what the lames say, I grind like im out here with the X Games, and they plain/ I go where them checks go, like a Nike investo’/L-R-G Pro…SHAZAM/ Carolina, South, North, East to the Metrooo”. Metaphors, double entendres, rhyme schemes, wordplay, relatability…. need I say more?? — and this is just the OPENING VERSE that blends into the running chorus.

Then to close the song, Master Splnta slides in with a smooth, harmonized cadence and brings it home with a riveting, slam poetry-type verse full of gems like a true veteran of the game. #GxldApproved lyricism at its finest.

Personally, I have been a fan of Quelle the Prophet for some time, so I’ve been looking forward to a new release from the lyricist. As usual, he did not disappoint in the slightest.

You can catch Fat Rat Da Czar introducing Quelle the Prophet on February 18th at the Music Farm, alongside Tyrie, Langston Hughes III, and more!

Stream the single “Intro Dos” below!