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K-Tazzy – TazzyTheTourist (Album Review)

K-Tazzy’s album TazzyTheTourist takes listeners on a quest of self-discovery and escape from societal norms. The album’s theme of breaking away from the various status quo’s of life, is evident in its diverse range of songs. Exclusively produced by himself and Syvl Sounds, K-Tazzy explores all angles of his sound and gives us a solid #GxldApproved project.

“Departure” with its atmospheric intro, sets the environment of the album, symbolizing the artist’s desire to break free from doubt and negative energy. This flows nicely into “Enlighten Me” where K-Tazzy tackles the challenges of navigating a world filled with lies and deceit. Despite this, he continues his pursuit of authenticity and enlightenment and sees through the veil.

K-Tazzy shifts frequencies a bit with trap-inspired beats and the fiery bars of “Off The Fence/Lonely”. This track spotlights K-Tazzy’s style and his lyrical structure reminds me of artists like Joyner Lucas. It concludes with a spacey twist, exploring the loneliness that comes with choosing oneself.

Throughout TazzyTheTourist, K-Tazzy adds a sort of visual aspect to each track. With “Vivid Vivid” he paints a picture of luxury urging listeners to strive for success and embrace persistence in order to attain the finer things in life, and don’t be afraid to flex it a bit.

A common thread that K-Tazzy uses to stitch the album together is taking the risk of betting on himself and relishing in the successes of the outcome. This is present in the electricity of “H!Tx3” and the groove of “Outta States, Out of Mind”, both songs encouraging gratitude for accomplishments and the confidence to obtain all he desires.

Adding to the immersive versatility of the album is “Cartagena 2nite”. Easily becoming one of my personal favorites, this song infuses alternative reggaeton vibes, imagery, and a trance-like feel. It creates a fun all encompassing listening experience that makes you want to do the bachata, take a shot, and repeat.

The final drop on the album is “Svmmer’s End”. This song delves into the doubts and contemplation K-Tazzy experiences when questioning the worth of his pursuits. It serves as a blueprint for the energy, sacrifice, and newfound belief in his abilities to pursue his passion in being an overall creative.

TazzyTheTourist is a solid mix of the different paradigms of K-Tazzy’s artistic vision. The tracks explore themes of escape, self-belief, and living authentically, and basking in the shine of the process. Check out the album below and tap in with K-Tazzy and his expanding catalog of production.