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Jarv Releases New Album The Amalgam

Jarv, aka Vermont-born, Brooklyn-based rapper Nathan Jarvis, released a new album, The Amalgam, on Friday. If his name sounds familiar, it might be because he was featured on Little Stranger’s hit single “Red Rover” from their album Trip Around Saturn

The Amalgam feels like a classic: it’s scrappy yet charming, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously, but shows real artistic vision. The 12-song project moves at a fast pace, much like Jarv’s style of rapping, all quick quips and cheeky turns of phrase. 

Cleverly placed samples decorate the tracks, and production choices only enhance the quality of each song, like a piano threaded here and there, or the unexpectedly tender acoustic guitar riff at the close of “Preschool.”

Many of the songs on The Amalgam give off a carefree, riding-around-with-friends energy, but some scrape a little deeper, like “Blue,” which was released as a single prior to the drop of the full album.

Stream The Amalgam by Jarv below so you can be up-to-date for A Strange New Year, Little Stranger’s 2-night New Year’s Eve show at the Pour House that will feature Jarv, as well as SkipLo, Loser Chris, and Wolf Mask.