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Easy Honey – “Nude”

Today, Easy Honey have completed part one of their two-part album, Maritime Love Affair, with the release of “Nude”. The new song rounds out the four songs that make up Maritime Love Affair, Pt I, each of which has been released as a single over the course of this year. And now we have a full and cohesive collection of songs from Easy Honey, their first album release since their 2018 self-titled debut.

While the songs released earlier were energetic and driving, “Nude” takes things down a notch and comes with a more solemn vibe. The lyrics explore growing up, missing a past love, and trying to figure out what comes next, and the song stacks layers of intensity until it breaks free near the end. It sounds to me like they were listening to stuff like Third Eye Blind, Built to Spill, Sunny Day Real Estate, etc. while writing this one.

As for what’s on the other side of “Nude”, I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Listen below, and stay tuned for news on the other half of Maritime Love Affair.