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SKIP’LO – “Suck It Up”

SKIP’LO, the hip-hop duo that is rappers Damn Skippy (a.k.a. Alex Veazey) and Appollo Valdez, released a new single, “Suck It Up,” on Friday. The track was produced by Oleg Теrentiev and mixed by Chris DiCola.

“Suck It Up” exudes dynamism, giving a nod to classic hip-hop without being too literal or retro. The song begins with a delightfully jazzy horn sound that is threaded throughout the track. Lines are delivered by each rapper at a brisk pace, emphasizing their sheer skill and maintaining high energy from start to finish.

The duo’s characteristic knack for unexpected wordplay is also on full display, with quips like “Y’all trippin / Like you’re sippin / On robitussin” and “Underground rap / Buggin out like cicadas.”

Stream “Suck It Up” by SKIP’LO below.