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Anfernee Releases New Album Paragon

Anfernee dropped a new album, Paragon, last week. The project is the latest release from the artist following his single “Paragon,” which came out in March.

There’s a seriousness to many of the tracks on Paragon. They show Anfernee rapping with precision against big background sound consisting of deep beats and dark tones. 

In “Vantablack,” a bold, metallic electric guitar adds gritty texture while Anfernee provides cultural commentary, saying “When they see the black / They attract and assimilate / Scrape it off the dinner plate / Drinking all the lemonade” and “We was founded on the black back.”

Later in the album, though, Anfernee breaks up the heaviness with tunes made for dancing, like the R&B leaning “Lost” with its smooth lyrics like “I hope you didn’t make plans tonight / I hope you’re taking a chance tonight.”

“Holy Man” features fellow Charleston rapper Tyrie and opens with a sample of a preacher speaking and some eerie gospel choir voices. The verses are thoughtful, like “I carry the great weight / Of grief in my briefcase / With a smile on my face,” and Tyrie compliments the track with his own emotive yet sharp rapping style.  

The closing track, “I Won’t Let U Down,” opens with some tender and earnest thoughts, like “Used to be afraid / I could never let it show.” Anfernee sings a little bit, showing soul and gospel influences.  

Anfernee muses on themes of race and struggle in Paragon, working through pain but also enjoying a little levity. Stream the album below.