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Lo’Kuntry – “Super Runtz”

Rapper Lo’Kuntry released a new single, “Super Runtz,” on Friday. It’s a quick-witted track that, like many of the his recent releases , tackles some thoughtful themes, but with Lo’Kuntry’s signature sense of humor.

“Surfboard / New wave” is the first line, a clear indiction that the lyrics are going to be clever and unexpected. The beat is fast-paced, and Lo’Kuntry matches it, rapping about growing, leveling up, and ignoring the inevitable judgment you receive from others when you’re trying to build something. 

The background of the track is paired down, with only simple brass sounds and electric touches alongside the beat, allowing rich lines like “My clothes tailored / But I’m a misfit” and “Rolling like a Michelin tire stand” to shine. 

“Super Runtz” ends with “muhaha” in classic mischievous Lo’Kuntry fashion. Stream the track below.