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Lo’Kuntry – “Earn Your Leisure”

Rapper Lo’Kuntry dropped a new single, “Earn Your Leisure,” on Wednesday. It’s the fifth release in what is proving to be a prolific year for the artist.

“Earn Your Leisure” shows Lo’Kuntry having his usual fun with off-the-wall witticisms, like “Bitch I’m from an island with seashells,” and “Imma put some carats in each ear.” But, following a trend that is evident in other recent singles, the rapper also delves into more serious subject matter on this track. 

Lo’Kuntry explores concepts like ambition, as well as dreams and the tenacity of following them, in “Earn Your Leisure.” “I’m a dream chaser like Meek Mill / The dream that I’m chasin don’t seem real,” he raps, closing a line with “I’m scarred but I remain still.”

The song is anchored by a beat that serves as a compelling yet no-nonsense backdrop for Lo’Kuntry’s insights from start to finish. Stream “Earn Your Leisure” by Lo’Kuntry below.