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Lo’Kuntry – “Midway Circle” (Video)

Hip-hop artist Lo’Kuntry has given the people what they want — a music video for “Midway Circle,” one of the tracks off his newest EP Nights in the Kuntry.

Directed by Stan Green (of frequent Jah Jr. collaboration), it’s a darker video than those we’ve previously seen from the rapper, opening with a clip of Kuntry getting in a nasty car accident and climbing feebly out of the driver’s seat, checking his face for blood as the words “when the love is gone” repeat over and over. 

Kuntry then begins to rap to the camera wearing bright red shades. It’s a stormy night, and scenes show him performing through heavy rain and clouds of grey smoke. 

The lyrics are just as bleak: Kuntry pleads for his relationship to be salvaged, even though he knows it’s over.  “Please don’t turn the light out” and “girl you got me holding on / even though the love is gone,” he raps. 

The song/video pairing further cements Lo’Kuntry’s status as an artist to take seriously in the South Carolina hip-hop scene.

Watch the video for “Midway Circle” below.