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Pierce Alexander – “Be Someone”

Pierce Alexander released his second single of the year, “Be Someone,” on Friday. This release comes off the heels of last month’s “Make It Up To You” and continues the lead up to his album The Minutehand, which is set to drop on February 11.

“Be Someone” is sad, slow, and instrumentally sparse, at least initially. The rhythm section doesn’t kick in until about a third of the way through the song. Orchestral touches in the latter half add mournful texture to the soundscape.

According to Alexander, “The song is about the pull of nostalgia and growing with someone.” It’s a theme that is made clear through the lyrics. “If it’s a record that you want I know the one / and there’s a song that stole your heart every time it spun,” Alexander sings.

The alternating images of memory and longing present a glimpse into the headspace of someone hanging onto a relationship that might have passed its expiration date.

Stream “Be Someone” by Pierce Alexander below.