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Sexbruise? – “Ford Taurus” (Video)

Parody pop 4-piece Sexbruise? debuted a new single, “Ford Taurus,” this week, paired with an over-the-top music video that contrasts perfectly with the very nature of the car that it celebrates.

The track takes us into an alternate universe where an army green Ford Taurus is the most coveted car around, and it’s a fun world to witness. The main character is so infatuated with this car that, toward the end of the video, it’s unclear whether the “girlfriend” character is a human woman, or a personified manifestation of the car that he has concocted in his brain – he loves his ride that much.

Aside from the hilarious visuals, “Ford Taurus” is a catchy song, dramatic drums and sparkling synths mingling as singer Julie Slonecki shows off her vocal prowess. 

The strategic use of heavy autotune adds humorous effect, especially in a surprise rap sequence that takes place about a third of the way through the track. 

With the deadpan delivery, the lyrics are easy to make out, bringing attention to Sexbruise?’s clever wordplay: “Heated seats? / No that’s just a natural side effect of the engine / When it gets a bit too hot for these fine ladies / My other car’s a Mercedes / All my clothes from Old Navy / And I max out at about 80.”

Check out the tongue-in-cheek anthem “Ford Taurus” by Sexbruise? below.