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Paul Who Is Lost Releases Debut EP, CYCLE

Paul Who Is Lost, aka photographer and Human Resources keyboardist Paul Chelmis, released his debut EP, CYCLE, last week. The three-song project was put together with the help of Coast Records and For The Record Mastering.

The EP combines elements of rap, pop, soul and electronica. On his initial instagram post announcing CYCLE, Paul stated: “After years of second guessing myself, worrying about what people will like, and waiting for the “right time”, I’m cutting the shit and doing what feels right to me.” 

CYCLE takes the crafty approach of DIY/bedroom music, but maintains crisp beats and lush melodic touches. The opening song, “Super,” is introspective, with lyrics that discuss self doubt and self-improvement, like “I’m tryin’ to work on me.” The following track, “Teacher’s Pet,” features quick, consistent rhymes. “What can I do with all this love inside of me?” he asks.

“Antarctica,” the closing tune, contains one of the most clever lines of the entire EP: “Take me to multiverse/ remind me that we’re slowing dying / a blessing and a healthy curse / we can blame it on the psilocybin.”

Stream “CYCLE” by Paul Who Is Lost below.