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Cole Collins – “SOMEDAYS”

Cole Collins has just released “SOMEDAYS”, his first new music release since the EP Jargon dropped back in 2018 (which we actually premiered here on Extra Chill at the time). Those familiar with Cole Collins will recognize that “SOMEDAYS” is a bit more upbeat and pop-oriented than most of what we’ve heard from him in the past. Even with the faster tempo and pop influence, though, Cole still sticks with the darker themes, this time drawing a lyrical contrast between a hopeless feeling and one of peace.

“I find it generally more difficult to write music that doesn’t sound somber or sad,” Cole explains. “It’s not necessarily a cheerful carefree song though. The lyrical content has a sharp contrast between two strong themes: Hopefulness and sanctity…. Followed by screwing everything up and falling into vices, addictions and personal pitfalls. Without going into nitty-gritty details, the lyrics were written partially from places of personal experience as well as the experiences of people in my life who have struggled in similar ways.”

Cole says that “SOMEDAYS” is the debut for a new musical direction that he plans to take going forward. He has an entire album’s worth of music written, but intends to stick with standalone single releases for the time being. He has also been dabbling in the production side of things, working with his sister Caroline on her upcoming debut album, as well as projects with Cory Cromer of Rowan Oak and another with Charleston duo Bowen Abel.

Listen to “SOMEDAYS” by Cole Collins below.